How can parents prevent their children food poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning:

After the food poisoning usually have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other phenomena, most accompanied by fever. Severe food poisoning, can occur in the short term cold extremities, pale, sweating, seizure disorder, bruising and other phenomena, or even life-threatening. Thing or two to an object as if it is with botulism food, in addition to gastrointestinal symptoms, children may also ptosis, mydriasis, see; heavy unable to speak, difficulty swallowing and breathing, temperature drops . These symptoms occur if not treated promptly, often causing death.

Parents of children poisoning prevention method

If you eat, no pickled vegetables thoroughly, in addition to the above general symptoms of poisoning, the skin and mucous membranes will appear purple. When a child has food poisoning phenomenon, if not occurring on a soft cloth bag vomiting, finger, chopsticks or toothbrush handles, etc., the child’s tongue oppression, or light stir his throat, prompting vomiting, spit out the poison as soon as possible; also give him drink salt water, and then the above method to promote vomiting and rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Prevention of child poisoning seven elements:

1. Do not eat color change, taste change, smell and other corrupt food. Residual leftovers must be saved after boiling, cook before eating next time. And pay attention to cut raw and cooked foods separate cutting boards to prevent the cooked food is unclean raw food contamination.

2. Do not eat dead and without quarantine of pigs, cattle, sheep, dogs and other poultry meat.

3. Do not eat wild plants and mushrooms do not know.

4. Pickles must marinate thoroughly, do not eat it pickled pickles within 10 days. When summer eating salad, fresh vegetables must be selected to be washed with water, then soak Shuitang salt, wine and vinegar marinated consumption.

5. If eating frog, toad, etc., must ask experienced people to get rid of the toxic part, wash before you eat, do not eat puffer fish.

6. Do not give children to eat large amounts of ginkgo, within 1 year of age, some children ate 10 ginkgo death occurs. Do not give children to eat fruit kernels, do not eat sprouted potatoes.

7. Do not use appliances installed over drugs or pesticides are generally dressed food.

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Article: How can parents prevent their children food poisoning


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