Homemade milk moisturizing anti-wrinkle mask

Homemade milk mask. Milk rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, a natural moisturizing effect, and could easily be absorbed by the skin, to prevent dry skin, and can repair fine lines, excellent cosmetic results.

1, Milk + flour
Methods: 3 spoons of milk and three spoons of flour and mix well, transferred to a paste, painted face, until mask is dry, wash with warm water.
This mask can only apply twice one week, too often, bad for the skin.

2, Milk + olive oil + flour
Method: Take 1 tablespoon of milk, few drops of olive oil and a little flour, mix well and wrap it in a clean face to dry, after washing with warm water.
This mask can reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity effect.

3, Milk + strawberry
Methods: 50 grams of strawberry crushed, to double gauze filter, take the juice add into 1 cup fresh milk, mix well, to take strawberry milk to be applied to the face and neck and massage, keep milk in the face, neck and about 15 minutes after cleaning.
This mask can moisturize, cleanse the skin, a mild convergence effect, also has anti-wrinkle effect.

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Article: Homemade milk moisturizing anti-wrinkle mask

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