Home Remedies to whitening skin and remove age spots

How to get rid of age spots and make your skin whitening? 4ways to remove age spots:

1. Lemon Juice

You saw Jan Brady use it on her freckles and now you can use it on your age spots. Fresh lemon juice is a natural remedy for lightening age spots. Lemons are acidic, which is what gives them their tart taste. According to Jerome A. Litt, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, there is enough acid to take off the upper layer of skin, which can result in the lightening of age spots. Apply the lemon juice with a cotton ball on the age spots two times a day. They will take up to eight weeks to begin to fade.

2. Castor Oil

Sometimes age spots are not only pigmented, they have a different and rougher texture than your skin. Castor oil can be a natural remedy for smoothing age spots. This way when you lighten them the skin underneath will appear normal. Dr. Ramsey recommends applying castor oil two times a day with a cotton ball. You can also do an overnight intensive treatment by using a bandage or first-aid tape to affix the castor-oil-soaked cotton ball to the area while you sleep. This remedy and others may take two months or more to show results.

3. Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is naturally found in sour milk, and it is also produced by your body when it metabolizes glucose to produce energy. It is an ingredient in nonprescription creams and helps to lighten age spots. According to Michael Ramsey, M.D., clinical instructor of dermatology at Baylor College, lactic acid helps to lighten age spots by facilitating faster exfoliation of dead skin. The new skin that is revealed has a lighter layer of pigmentation. You can find lactic acid in the product Lac-Hydrin Five Lotion. Apply it twice a day, after washing and drying your skin.

4. Onions

They may not smell as good as lemons, but onions can be a natural remedy for lightening age spots, too. According to Dr. Litt, they contain the same kind of acid found in lemons. Red onions are recommended, while yellow or white onions are not. To use onions to lighten age spots, follow the directions for using lemons.

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Article: Home Remedies to whitening skin and remove age spots

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