High-salt diet on the baby’s five major hazards

High-salt food on the baby’s harm:

1. can reduce the oral saliva secretion, lysozyme also reduced accordingly, is conducive to a variety of bacteria, viruses in the upper respiratory tract.

2. After the high-salt diet, due to salt infiltration, can kill the upper respiratory tract of normal parasite flora, resulting in flora disorder, resulting in the disease.

3. High-salt diet can inhibit the proliferation of oral mucosal epithelial cells, so that loss of disease resistance.

4. High-salt diet will affect the absorption of zinc in children’s body will lead to zinc deficiency in children.

5. High salt diet will increase the baby’s heart, kidney burden. Baby’s kidney development is not perfect, not enough to infiltrate too much salt. If too much salt in food supplement, it will increase the burden on the baby’s kidneys, while increasing the burden on the heart, thereby impairing the kidneys and heart function. Moreover, childhood diet salt to form heavy salt, grow up is not easy to correct, and salt diet habits easily lead to hypertension and other diseases.

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Article: High-salt diet on the baby’s five major hazards

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