Hepatitis B HBeAg is how it developed cirrhosis of the liver

patients with relatively well control, but if it is, when you do not get treatment, then will deteriorate, that is, we often say that the sicker, eventually along cirrhosis, liver cancer this road went up. So, what exactly is how Hepatitis B HBeAg develop into cirrhosis of the liver?

Hepatitis B HBeAg presence of hepatitis B virus in vivo much quantity,, copy infection active and hepatitis B virus or liver virus, would Hepatitis B HBeAg patients  liver, resulting in very serious injuries. So Hepatitis B HBeAg it will not change into cirrhosis?

Liver disease expert pointed out that patients with Hepatitis B HBeAg check if ignored, neglected treatment, as the disease progresses, it will develop into cirrhosis. As for Hepatitis B HBeAg probability of developing cirrhosis, Hepatitis B HBeAg patients should be based on the specific disease conditions.

If normal liver function, hepatitis B virus DNA in HBeAg-negative virus carriers, the development of cirrhosis on the small chance. And if the check liver function abnormalities, inflammation of the liver damage exists, there are Hepatitis B HBeAg performance deterioration, viral DNA was positive, and so, if you can not get timely and effective treatment, the likelihood of developing cirrhosis is relatively large.

Hepatitis B HBeAg patients as long as adhere to proper treatment, the prognosis is generally better, does not change cirrhosis, liver cancer. So, Hepatitis B HBeAg patients to adhere to the scientific and standardized treatment, so as to reduce the incidence of cirrhosis.

Through the above description, we also understand Hepatitis B HBeAg will be transformed into cirrhosis, friends of patients should be vigilant. Sick timely treatment is the key, or Hepatitis B HBeAg become our life-threatening cirrhosis, treatment even harder to think, do not let yourself fall into a deeper hazards.

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Article: Hepatitis B HBeAg is how it developed cirrhosis of the liver

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