Healthy habits to anti-acne – How to anti-acne?

Busy work, the pressures of life can affect your metabolism, if you happen to be oily skin, mixed oil skin or acne on the face so it may come and go, never at peace. Then you’d better rethink whether their daily habits achievement even aggravate acne production. Remember Healthy . How to anti-acne?

About diet to anti-acne

1.  Easy to acne skin people greatly affected by the diet. Usually eat spicy, greasy, high-sugar foods are quickly reflected in the face. So always pay with light foods, eat more vegetables and fruits.

2. Drink plenty of water. 8 glasses of water a day can not only make the skin moist, but also to promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate the discharge of toxins, healthy gastrointestinal function, but also to maintain the skin have not acne a big secret.

About protection and maintenance to anti-acne

1. There are a lot of people because of acne facial cleansers do not in place. Cosmetic residues and dust in the air clogged pores, not timely cleaning, or will not completely clean the breeding acne. But acne growth period minimize exfoliation, acne nonintact otherwise easily cause infection.

2. We all know the state of health of the skin is water and oil balance. Many people with oily skin, face acne is easy to take because of dry skin, the pores are forced caused by excessive secretion of oil. So adequate of water, can also reduce acne skin due to excessive oil secretion caused by clogged pores.

3. If you have acne, do not hand squeeze acne, we have got a lot of invisible bacteria. Handled properly or is likely to cause more severe acne infection. Use cosmetic acupuncture or go to a professional beauty institutions in order to accelerate clean up acne cure.

4. Ensure adequate sleep time. Every day after 23:00 is the best time to repair the skin, then you can accelerate the healing of acne. Also to wash frequently pillow covers, so as to avoid excessive breeding of mites and cause further infection.

About emotions

Long-term excessive anxiety, tension will suppress a lot of toxins in the body, these toxins can not be properly discharged in the form of acne will be eliminated from the body. So in a bad mood, think it is worthwhile to pay a beautiful price, will soon calm down.

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Article: Healthy habits to anti-acne – How to anti-acne?

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