Fruits should be eaten before meals or after meals?

Fruits should be eaten before meals or after meals? Many people think that fruit is conducive to digestion, so often choose to eat fruit after a meal, but in fact is the most unfavorable to eat fruit after a meal to digest, and why?

nutrition expert analysis is not conducive to digestion after a meal to eat fruit

(1) Fruit easily blocked with food in the stomach, causing flatulence, constipation.

(2) fruits contain more carbohydrates, such as glucose, fructose, etc., immediately after a meal to eat fruit will increase the burden on the stomach and pancreas, especially some fruits contain high levels of starch, non-digestible.

(3) fruit is rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, have a strong water absorption, when cellulose too much, will also affect the vitamins, trace elements absorption.

(4) people need to lose weight, if you eat a lot of fruit after a meal, because of too much energy and lead to obesity.

Instead, before meals eating a certain amount of fruit has many benefits

(1) The fruit of the many ingredients are water-soluble, vitamin C, and can reduce blood cholesterol levels of soluble plant fibers – pectin and so on. Its digestion and absorption does not require complex mixture of digestive juices can be absorbed quickly through the stomach into the small intestine. Fasting absorption rate is much higher than eat meal after absorption rate.

(2) fruits are low-calorie foods, the average heat is only a quarter of an equal weight of pasta, pork and other meat equivalent to approximately one tenth. Advanced eating low-calorie foods is easier to grasp the total intake.

(3) Many fruit itself is easily oxidized, corruption, eat first fruit can shorten their residence time in the stomach, reducing its oxidation level of corruption, reduce potential adverse effects on the body.

Finally, to achieve “four do not eat.”

(1) do not eat immature fruits, because this fruit contains tannin and more bitter astringent taste is poor.

(2) Do not pick not known wild fruit to eat , because some of the wild fruit harmful.

(3) Do not eat rotten fruit, because such a large number of bacteria in fruit after eating is easy to cause disease.

(4) do not casually strip eat nuts, because some nuts containing toxic substances (such as bitter almond kernels, loquat nucleolus, etc.), can cause poisoning after eating.

Fruit is a very health and beauty food, so for it to eat, the more you want some attention, we should try eating fruit before meals, to be able to play the real effect of fruit.

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Article: Fruits should be eaten before meals or after meals?

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