For pregnant women’s body and fetus adverse food

What adverse food for pregnant women’s body and fetus?

1. Coffee and caffeinated foods
Coffee can be refreshing recover from fatigue by many people of all ages. The caffeine in coffee, destructive role of vitamin B1, a large number of pregnant women after drinking, nausea, vomiting, headache, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms. Caffeine also enter the body through the placenta, fetal stimulate excitement, affect the normal development of the fetal brain, heart and liver and other organs, it is possible to make the cells mutate, causing deformities. Also easy to cause miscarriage or premature birth. Cocoa, chocolate and cola drinks contain caffeine, Bulletin boards try to eat these foods.

2. Drinking, smoking
Drinking, smoking: Alcohol is an important factor leading to fetal malformations and mental retardation. Pregnant women can drink alcohol fetus through the placenta into the body, directly toxic to the fetus, fetal growth not only slow, but can cause deformities and defects of certain organs, and even the heart and limb malformations. Some of the fetus after birth is shown as mental retardation, foolish, weak and easy disease. Tips: In addition to wine, rice wine and a variety of alcoholic beverages Bulletin boards are not suitable for drinking. Wine, rice wine and a variety of alcoholic beverages alcoholic Smoking: carbon monoxide in cigarettes and nicotine through the placenta and may cause fetal hypoxia, plus smoking fast heartbeat and even abortion, death; while fetal malformation rate will be increased. Bulletin boards so either smoking or passive smoking is detrimental to the fetus.

3. Spice
Spices: daily meals loaded in flavor. Star anise, cumin, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, spices: allspice spices, peppers and other hot spices are spices. Its large hot and irritating, easy intestinal water consumption, reduce the secretion of gastrointestinal glands, resulting in intestinal dry constipation or fecal obstruction. Pregnant women, the solution will be hard when abdominal pressure caused by increased fetal oppression, could easily lead to developmental abnormalities, premature rupture of the amniotic fluid, spontaneous abortion, premature birth and other adverse consequences. Bulletin boards recommend occasionally exchange about taste, but do not eat.

4. Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly: Because the hormone-containing substances will stimulate the uterus, causing contractions; interference fetal growth and development of royal jelly, the fetus is too large, causing pain to Mami childbirth; also make hormones increased fetal and postnatal pseudo-precocious .

5. Tea
Tea contains 2-5% caffeine, tea also contains a lot of tannin, energy and food proteins tea contains -% of caffeine, combined into insoluble tannate, but also with aggregation of other nutrients in food and precipitation affect pregnant women, fetuses absorption of protein, iron, vitamin use. Tea also contains large amounts of tannic acid, has the functions, easy to make pregnant women constipation.

6, Fritters
Fritters: Breakfast in the homes of ordinary people often occur fritters. When making fritters per 500 grams of flour fritters with 15 grams of alum would, if pregnant women eat two fritters every day, is equivalent to eating three grams of alum, and alum is an aluminum-containing inorganic (aluminum excess of human the brain is very unfavorable) probability of aluminum through the placenta, fetal brain invasion, the formation of brain disorders, increased intake of Chi Daier.

7. Sashimi, raw snails, raw oysters, etc.
Sashimi, raw snails, raw oysters, etc: As delicious and a lot of people love to eat these foods. These foods sashimi, rich raw snails, raw oysters sashimi and other proteins, vitamins and trace mineral content. But because they did not go through heating the cooking process, parasites and bacteria inside it could have caused harm to the fetus. Some fish, such as swordfish, shark, tuna and other mercury levels may affect the baby’s brain growth and development.

8. Canned Food
Canned food: in manufacturing production process in order to achieve good color and delicious and prolonged preservation purposes, often adding a certain amount of additives such as artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. These substances are mostly synthetic chemicals. Although these additives have little effect on healthy adults, but pregnant women, excessive ingestion is bad for your health, early pregnancy, eat lots of canned foods containing additives can affect fetal cell division, resulting in developmental disorders; a large number of long-term consumption can cause chronic poisoning and even lead to miscarriage or fetal malformation. In addition, the nutritional value of canned foods is not high, after the heat treatment, food, vitamins and other nutrients have been subject to some degree of damage. Pregnancy or recommendation to eat more fresh foods.

9. Bacon, salted egg, etc.
Bacon salted fish, salted fish, salted egg, etc. With the increase in estrogen levels in the body Mami month of pregnancy continues to rise, prompting estrogen in the body of excess water and salt retention effect. Too much salt causes the body resides more moisture, excessive salt intake will produce thirst, resulting in a lot of water. Water, salt accumulate in the body over the renal excretion capacity, resulting in edema in pregnant women; excessive salt intake is also easy to induce hypertension. Pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome is threatening maternal and child in a particular disease will occur During Pregnancy, mainly as edema, hypertension and proteinuria, may be associated with headache, vertigo, lightheadedness, dizziness and other symptoms, and even eclampsia health. Pregnant women will make the body highly effective edema drastic reduction in circulating blood volume, fetal placental blood supply reduced, resulting in the fetus in utero hypoxia, affect fetal growth and development. Also, because the placental ischemia, easy pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. Pregnancy recommended daily salt intake should be about 6 grams. Salted salt per 10 grams or more, a salt content of salted egg a day for pregnant women has exceeded requirements; excessive consumption of pickled foods such as salted fish, bacon, pickles, sausages, etc., can also cause the above the results. So pay attention to the deployment of pregnancy diet, light-based flavors. Pregnant mothers and children for their own health, Eat or not eat pickled foods regarded as an important measure of prenatal care.

10. Barbecue, fondue
Barbecue, hot pot: barbecue outside and tender inside, scorched appearance contain carcinogens; and inside fresh roast beef, roast lamb hot pot may contain Toxoplasma gondii, tapeworm. Bulletin boards once the infection can seriously damage your baby, or even cause miscarriage, stillbirth or deformities; eat cooked barbecue can lead to hepatitis E, the majority of patients at the onset of six weeks of rehabilitation, but higher mortality of pregnant women and the elderly. Similarly pot warmed in a short time can not exist in the meat in the elimination of pathogens or parasites, pregnant women should avoid eating. Sichuan hot pot bottom material, mostly herbs, such as dry pepper, cinnamon, pepper, cumin, clove, strawberry, etc., are Okara heat of the goods. These condiments adverse maternal reasons has been made a detailed description of the content in front of spices.

11. Sugar
Carbohydrate metabolism in the body will consume a lot of calcium. Calcium deficiency during pregnancy may affect fetal teeth, bones sugar development. Pregnancy endocrine physiological changes, the relative lack of insulin, blood sugar stabilizing effect on the decline, resulting in a high concentration of sugar in the blood, prone to diabetes. Such as uncontrolled excessive intake of foods with high sugar content, these reasons can cause gestational diabetes. Sugar is not essential nutrients, it is recommended during pregnancy should avoid sugar.

12. MSG
MSG: The main ingredient is sodium glutamate, from the urine after its combination of zinc in the blood, eating too much MSG MSG can affect the absorption of zinc, lead to deficiency in pregnant women is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system. Gestation period is recommended to eat MSG.


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Article: For pregnant women’s body and fetus adverse food


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