For men how to care for the skin

Men’s skin is rough, especially after middle age due to the physiology of the recession, but also because of the years of hard temper left many traces, more prone to sagging skin, wrinkles, but if in life can make some little maintenance, wrinkles will not be so deep engraved.

Wash, exfoliation thoroughly clean the face
men want to have a clean face, do not bother with ordinary soap to wash your face, because alkaline soap will destroy the skin’s natural protective film, accelerating oil secretion, skin pores larger. The correct way is to wash your face, “according to select facial skin, once a day, morning and evening. In addition, if at the time of the wash thoroughly clean skin cream scrub or branch angle, the pores of dirt, grease together in addition to support, can also smooth hair, avoid powder assassination occurred.

The shaving correct
The shaving down on shaving beard growth direction, so that both shaved clean, without operating the skin. Bad because The shaving can cause skin irritation after shaving therefore, may wish to use aftershave swab, play convergence, calm, conditioning the skin.

To ensure sleep
Some men do not go to sleep to reduce the burden of heavy work, like not sleeping overtime, which is a great impact on the appearance. Long-term lack of sleep, people are generally looking haggard, gray, black eyes, bags under the eyes exposed, and would give birth to more wrinkles, accelerated skin aging, so men do not pay attention to little sleep, to ensure adequate sleep.

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Article: For men how to care for the skin


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