Five ways to teach you are away from uremia – prevent of uremia tips

How to ?

1. Winter to keep warm in the winter, whether or worsening renal function requiring dialysis patients are far more than each of the other seasons, mainly because of low temperatures, vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, decreased urination, blood clotting ability, easy to make renal anomalies.

2. Medication carefully, many sold painkillers, cold medicines, some antibiotics, and other unknown ingredients herb prescriptions, may have a potential renal toxicity, so in the clear under doctor’s orders to take medicine.

3. Not overeating, uncontrolled high protein diet, eating too much salt, will increase the burden on the kidneys, increased kidney failure. Fat in the blood is too high, not only easy to harden arteries, will accelerate nephrosclerosis and renal failure. Besides sports drinks have electrolytes and salt, people with kidney disease need to avoid these drinks intake.

4. Timely treatment of colds, cold, hypertension, edema, urine redness, or urine with foam, preferably a kidney doctor for treatment.

5. Adequate drinking water is not holding back urine, urine resides in the bladder, as the sewer blocked the growth of bacteria, like bacteria infect the kidneys through the ureters.


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Article: Five ways to teach you are away from uremia – prevent of uremia tips

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