Five kinds of nutrients is very important for woman

Woman’s life is inseparable from the five nutrients: iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. These five elements with other nutrients absorbed by the body, promoting the female body’s growth, development, reproduction, etc.

1, Iron:
Enrich the blood is an important part of women’s health, and enrich the blood is absolutely inseparable iron supplementation. Adults to a menopausal women need 20 milligrams of iron per day, During Pregnancy and lactation require 25-35 mg, whereas men only need 15 milligrams a day. The most abundant iron in the liver, lean meat, blood, fungus, Brassica juncea, sesame, beans, kelp, seaweed, apricot, peach, plum, also contains more iron.

2, Dietary fiber:
Intestinal protection of God. Experts say dietary fiber itself does not have “nutrition“, which the largest role of can promote gastrointestinal motility, speed up metabolism of toxins from the body, relieve constipation problems plagued many women, mainly in whole-wheat bread, potatoes, leeks, celery, apples, etc. in food.

3, Calcium:
The cornerstone of healthy bones. Calcium in the body mainly in the bones and teeth, about 99% of the total, and the remaining 1% distributed in the blood, cells, interstitial fluid and soft tissue. Experts say calcium on bone health of women play an important role in safeguarding. The average woman needs 800 mg of calcium per day, increased during pregnancy and breastfeeding to 1000 mg. In daily food, the more calcium are milk, cheese, eggs, soy, seaweed, seaweed, shrimp, sesame seeds, hawthorn, marine fish, vegetables and so on. In the consumption of these calcium-rich foods should avoid excessive consumption of foods containing phosphate, oxalic acid, protein-rich foods, so as not to affect calcium absorption.

4, Folic acid:
Nutrients during pregnancy. It is an indispensable substances for cell proliferation, but also promote the secretion of breast milk, for pregnant women or women after childbirth is especially important. Experts point out that adult women need 400 micrograms of folic acid a day, 600 micrograms during pregnancy, breastfeeding period of 500 micrograms. Folic acid found primarily in dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, canola, cabbage and so on.

5, Vitamin B6:
Prevention of gynecological diseases. Female estrogen in the body and glucocorticoid metabolic needs vitamin B6, therefore, appropriate to take to prevent gynecological diseases. Some women during pregnancy will be hand, foot swelling, joint pain, vomiting, etc., under the guidance of a doctor by taking vitamin B6 to improve. Recommended daily intake of 1.9 mg. Eat more natural, rough foods also help to supplement vitamin B6.
Vitamin B6 in foods of animal and plant content levels were minimal, the most abundant yeast, rice bran or rice is also a lot of content, followed from the meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables.

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Article: Five kinds of nutrients is very important for woman

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