Fall whitening nutritious food – Anti-Aging detoxifies

Fall whitening nutritional food one: Guava

Guava contains vitamin C several times to other fruits. And the ratio contains a variety of nutrients, protein, fructose, glucose, precipitation can effectively expel toxins, definitely eat more than whitening fruit.

Fall whitening nutrition food two: Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins. Not only have whitening effect, as well as slimming effect. Of which there are protective role of vitamin C in tomatoes, can absorb a lot of vitamin C and antioxidant, skin white and supple.

Fall food nutrition whitening Three: carrot

Carrot known as “little ginseng”, contains natural natural β- carotene, can moisturize the skin anti-aging. And do mask with carrot juice also has freckle effect. Because vitamin A in carrots, has a smooth, strong role of the skin, and prevention of skin rough.

Fall whitening nutrition food four: cucumber

Cucumber is rich in vitamins and acid substances that can clean the toxins from the body, to moisturize the skin. Active substances it contains can eliminate sunburn and freckles, alleviate skin allergies, is a traditional whitening beauty products saint.

Fall food nutrition whitening five: melon

Melon in microelements. Zinc can promote skin cell regeneration, magnesium can be conditioning the skin color, ruddy skin pale. From the Chinese point of view, people must first aspects from food, good conditioning of the body, releasing toxins. To clear the skin yellow gas black gas, can have a healthy complexion whitening moisturizing.

Fall nutritional food six whitening: Cherry

Fresh cherries in protein and rich in iron and other nutrients. Iron can improve skin color, people of color become red and shiny. Nutrients contained in them may need to add all skin whitening, eat cherries can make your skin more cherries in general, delicate and full of elasticity.

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Article: Fall whitening nutritious food – Anti-Aging detoxifies


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