Facial skin care in winter

How to skin care of facial in winter ? You can try the following scenario.

1, Cleaning work in each season are the most important work. In the case of the dry climate, the best choice for both mild moisturizing ingredients cleansing products. In general, winter selection cleansing milk and Cleanser on it. Dont select a strong cleansing oil composition of products.

2, Even in cold climates do not use hot water wash, persist in wash with cold water can facial skin to maintain elasticity. If you can not insist, you can try to use warm water wash.

3, In winter skin care products for the choice mainly depends on how it’s moisturizing properties.

4, Upon completion of cleansing, skin tightening, soothing work, may wish to consider the use of deep moisture to the skin of the essence.

5, You can use grind arenaceous cream once a week, it can effectively remove dead skin, so dry skin to absorb moisture in the skin care composition.

6, After completion of the work of cleansing, the use of toner, the best do not choose ingredients containing alcohol, because alcohol can trigger the skin dry.

7, In winter skin sunscreen can not be ignored, because UV is not only patronize the summer.

8, Drink plenty of water can improve dry skin, although there is no full scientific basis, but the drink plenty of water can regulate the body’s metabolism, eliminate toxins within the body is an indisputable fact.

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Article: Facial skin care in winter

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2 Responses to “Facial skin care in winter”

  1. samantha

    In winters the skin becomes really dry and itchy. Proper moisturizing is very important and for proper facial care you need to use quality skin care products. I have shopped for skin care products from eBubbles.com. All the products are awesome !!!

  2. Olga

    Thanks for the article. very important to know what to do, that the child was healthy and happy. on world through the eyes of women you will find lots of interesting information for themselves