Facial care tips in winter

Whatever the season, cleaning work is one of the most important work of skin care. In dry weather, it is best to use mild facial skin care products containing moisturizing ingredients.

In general, winter Cleanser can be, you should try to avoid Cleansing Gel to go with a strong degreasing effect.

Even wash in cold climates do not use hot water, adhere to wash your face with cold water to maintain the elasticity of the facial skin. If you can not insist, can also try to wash your face with warm water.

Select winter skin care products, mainly to see the performance of moisturizing skin care products.

Steps done cleansing, firming, soothing, consider re-use on deep moisturizing skin essence.

One week use a scrub, effective clean-up of dead skin, dry skin to better absorb the moisturizing ingredients in skin care products.

Cleansing work done, try to avoid using the lotion containing alcohol, because alcohol can easily cause skin drying.

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Article: Facial care tips in winter

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