Face skin large pores how to do – how to shrink pores

Skin on the face, large pores how to do? Teach you how to save! Skin on the face pores large large, is the bane of many beauty-conscious women, who want to have a non-US flawless face, but rough pores large and can not be generalized, he is composed of different causes, different skin can also cause different coarse degree, then there is no great face skin pores shrink pores tips it? Here different experts for different skin pores situations female friends in several ways, effective shrink pores.

1, oily skin pores caused by coarse

Generally, the skin is oily skin and combination skin people are more prone to the phenomenon of large pores, which is mainly due to congenital and acquired two factors: congenital pores is mainly caused due to genetic, sebum secretion particularly strong , the accumulation of excess sebum in the hair follicle, the expansion of the pores, the pores will be very slowly.

Rescue plan:

For oily skin and combination skin people, exfoliating regularly deep cleaning work is very important. With or without makeup, cleaning must be done daily double wash, wash first with cleansing cream, after removal of dirt and grease, then wash with clean water soluble dirt milk to avoid the accumulation of dirt in pores large CNPC. After washing the face, be sure to shoot on the face lotion, lotion containing convergence optional ingredients, beat up by the next, after a period of time will make pores look delicate, but also has the effect of suppressing the secretion of sebum .

2, the pores caused by improper cleaning coarse

Dirt clog pores, causing coarse pores. Epidermal basal layer of skin cells continue to manufacture and transport to the top, until after cell aging, usually fall off naturally. However, blocking pores, skin metabolism is not smooth, not scheduled to fall off, causing the pores to expand.

Rescue plan:

Why stretch the pores will be is not clear because of the long-term residual dirt clean sebum results. The biggest reason for this result, it is because there is no relationship remover step completely executed. Cleansing step is twofold: First, remove parts of Lip makeup, and then remove facial makeup, facial wash foam to clean, wash with water. Finally, then coated with toner pores role.

In addition, when you usually use foundation, to pay attention to select those good permeability of light-based liquid foundation, so as not to block the pores large the skin breathe freely impact.

3, the pores of skin aging caused by the coarse

Sagging skin aging, causing coarse pores. With increasing age, the blood circulation is not smooth and gradual, skin, subcutaneous fat layer is also easy to relax, lack of flexibility, if we did not give proper maintenance and care, it will certainly accelerate the aging, increasingly enlarged pores naturally.

Rescue plan:

Because the pores are caused due to skin aging, skin aging and therefore control the speed of your priority. First, we must sooner or later some high nutritional daily moisturizing ingredients, while both the role tighten loose skin anti-aging facial cream, with massage to promote absorption; addition, refreshing moisturizing lotion without stimulation is essential.

Do not use oil or tearing type to firming mask, otherwise they will make the skin too tough to tear down becomes more fragile and relaxation. If possible, you can do something to the professional beauty institutions to enhance facial care, which helps tighten facial skin, improve skin laxity large extent and the pores of the phenomenon.

4, the pores caused by bad habits coarse

(1) smoking and drinking: Cigarettes make you vasoconstriction, blood circulation slows down, so dry, aging is an early report, the natural sagging facial lines, the pores stretch. In addition, when excessive drinking, also will open the pores, plus drinking likely to cause swelling of the body, the pores naturally inevitable distraction.

(2) improper squeeze: squeeze pimples, acne and excessive stimulation resulting skin breakdown, once damage to the dermis, and its lack of skin regeneration, it is difficult to produce new cells, it will leave a scar bump, so that the pores becomes thick.

(3) improper makeup: Apply a cosmetic irritation and long-term use of powerful bactericidal strength medicated cream, anti-inflammatory water, blocked pores will be more severe, oil drain out, such as the lack of proper care then, will be more serious, more and more coarse pores.

(4) excessive use of mask: a lot of deep pores stretch mask first, before diving into the pores the oil and dirt out, excessive use of deep cleansing mask, it makes pores. Cause pores mask made ​​of multi-film-forming agent is a chemical mask, a variety of both glial and sticky mask.

Rescue plan:

Tobacco is the primary taboo thing, if you do not have a 50-year-old woman at the age of 30 old head, then it must get rid of excessive alcohol and tobacco habits. If the face acne and acne, acne products can be used to eliminate, do not hand squeeze, or else after the momentary gratification, will form unsightly cellulite face.

You can do one or two surface covered with a deep cleansing mask and firming effect a week, one can absorb excess oil, on the other hand can be astringent. However, we must pay attention to the frequency of use and the use of the mask in order to avoid the above mentioned cases, counterproductive.

Before makeup, first use can regulate sebum secretion to inhibit the secretion of oil products, cosmetics suitable choice fresh and not greasy, good air permeability foundation, it will give your skin an extra layer of protection, can effectively control oil secretion of the skin, so that the pores not due to external contamination and getting bigger.

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Article: Face skin large pores how to do – how to shrink pores


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