Eye fatigue how to do? How to make your eyes relaxed?

One of the reasons that myopia is now increasing is one of the reasons that the time it takes to play a computer with a cellphone is getting longer and longer. Some people are facing a computer or a cellphone most of the day, which can be very damaging to the eyes. How do we relieve eyestrain?

Way to relieve eye fatigue

1, Rest

No matter how busy your work is, you must let your eyes have time to rest, especially some office workers who face the computer for a long time, and more should pay attention to regular eye rest so as to avoid eye fatigue and effectively protect Good eyes.

For a long time the face of the computer is likely to have symptoms such as eye fatigue, common symptoms of dry eyes, eye pain, there may even be the result of tears and other symptoms.

These symptoms can seriously affect the working efficiency and health of workers, and even lead to decreased vision.

Therefore, when working, be sure to rest your eyes and try to keep your eyes resting for a few minutes every half hour of work. The method of rest in the eyes not only can choose to close your eyes, you can also use the method of overlooking the distance or massage to relieve eye fatigue, release the pressure of the eyes.

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2, Light

Many times the light of the factors will seriously affect the health of our eyes and normal vision, especially some office workers face the computer all day long, should try to be the brightness of the computer screen to moderate, too bright and too dark light will be Affect our vision, and there are symptoms such as dry eyes. There are those who have a long time watching television habits, but also pay attention to the light adjustment and time control, to avoid damage to the eyes.

Also pay attention to in normal life, should try to avoid looking at mobile phones on the way to work, flat computer too long, because whether it is bus or subway inside, the light is very detrimental to eye health.

3, Adequate sleep

Adequate sleep for eye health is also very important, however, most real-life office workers have varying degrees of lack of sleep. There are even some office workers due to work needs and stay up late for a long time overtime, which is very bad eyes, not only prone to symptoms such as eyestrain, but also lead to rapid decline in vision. As for office workers, in normal life should try to ensure adequate sleep.

If you need to stay up late at night because of overtime, resulting in insufficient sleep time, then you can choose to sleep a little while lunch break a few minutes. In addition, the best nap time in less than half an hour, should not be too long, this will not only make up for lack of overtime due to lack of sleep, but also will not affect your afternoon work, more conducive to your eye health.

4, Chrysanthemum tea

In order to better alleviate eye fatigue, in addition to pay attention to develop these good habits above, in the usual life should also be prepared on the desk some chrysanthemum tea. Or you can add a few grains of chrysanthemum tea Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine pointed out that there are liver chrysanthemum, clear fire, the purpose of the eyesight, and wolfberry nature Gan, Ping, both a soaked with water and nourishing the liver and kidney eyesight effect .

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Article: Eye fatigue how to do? How to make your eyes relaxed?

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