Expired milk can be used to wash your face

Milk is not only our daily lives nutritional drinks to help supplement calcium, protein, etc., in addition to milk skin effect is very good, use milk or skincare surface covered, you can play so that delicate skin whitening effect. Fresh milk is a lot of action, then it expired milk, expired milk, although it can not be eaten, then expired milk can wash it? Next will be described in detail for the content in this area.

Expired milk can wash it? The answer is yes, expired not been able to drink milk skincare, first of all because a lot of lactic acid in milk produced, it can soften the skin, has a good moisturizing effect. Secondly, although the milk has gone bad, but one of the fat in a short time and not damaged, so the effect of moisture and will not weaken. From this perspective, the whole effect of expired milk skincare better than skim milk.

First discovered expired milk can skincare is Cleopatra, like to use milk bath, she found expired sour milk, after bathing the skin more slippery and more detailed, in fact, these broken milk, has been able to skin care, mainly expired milk lactic acid and, secondly, milk fat, therefore, whole milk skincare was better than the skim, the difference lies in the amount of fat, but the lactic acid produced by the expired milk fat content and there will not be affected.

Expired milk can also be used attaining, and a bottle of expired milk into the bathtub, then diluted, the effect may be worse, it is recommended to first applied to the body, such as 5-10 minutes later, and then soak in the bath, so the effect is more good, and lactic acid does not cause urinary tract infections, do not worry.

It should be noted, however, expired milk, if milk has agglomerate, do not use because lactic acid is not caking, lumps of milk protein, for exfoliating moisturizing or no effect.

Expired milk can wash your face? I believe that through the above introduction, we already know. From the above we can see that expired milk also can wash your face, its our daily skincare a great help, so later encounter expired milk will not be wasted.

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Article: Expired milk can be used to wash your face


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