Excessive drinking of yogurt can cause tooth decay

Yogurt helps prevent gum recession and tooth loss, which may be due to lactic acid bacteria in yogurt ingredients can effectively neutralize or inhibit anaerobic bacteria infection. But the cause of periodontal disease is a major cause of neglect oral hygiene, leading to periodontal Streptococcus, Lactobacillus other anaerobic bacteria infections.

Yogurt Cordials variety, they all contain lactobacillus common characteristics. When drinking more, not mouthwash, it could lead to the generation of dental caries, because lactic acid bacilli in yogurt, easy and mucin saliva and food debris mixed together, firmly adhered to the tooth surface and pits and fissures, the formation of dental plaque, very easily lead to tooth enamel surface decalcification, dissolution, formation of dental caries. And the teeth of the acid tolerated level is not high, when the oral cavity PH value is higher, but also easy to damage teeth enamel surface, causing tooth decalcification, and ultimately the formation of dental caries.

So, for young people, especially children, drinkable yogurt and carbonated beverages Avoid excessive, each preferably not more than two boxes. Most importantly, you should develop good habits, every yogurt drink, must use water gargle, and some people like to use beverage mouthwash, it is unscientific.

Yogurt on the prevention of periodontal disease may have some benefits, but not yet reflected in the relevant reported in the literature and the detailed mechanism of action. Therefore, the current medical experts still believe that the teeth need anti-acid, if yogurt drink in excess, but lead to the production of dental caries, which would also harm than good.

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Article: Excessive drinking of yogurt can cause tooth decay

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