Everyday life care in patients with hyperthyroidism

With the improvement of living standards, many people will choose to go to some foot museum, SPAR Pavilion health care, which is a symbol for the pursuit of a better life. For patients with hyperthyroidism friends, the daily life of health care is also very important, the specific method described as follows:

Eliminate bad mental stimulation
Good condition can assist the treatment of disease, so that patients and friends rehabilitation clinic before sicker patients with hyperthyroidism often negative stimulus. As a result of little things with colleagues, family quarrels, and can not be controlled. Therefore, patients must learn to control their emotions. Family and colleagues to be patient response units to understand and create a better environment.

Regular daily work and rest
So for the patient’s condition has a great help, although the patient to eat more, but poor digestion and absorption, the body relatively weak. Generally speaking, the light not often stay up late and long-distance running, swimming, hiking and other violent activities; seriously ill, are advised to convalesce, and even bed rest. In addition, because patients with hyperthyroidism often accompanied proptosis, extraocular muscle paralysis, prone to visual fatigue, eye pain. So reads the newspaper less, avoid watching TV;

Control, fasting iodine and spicy food
Patient eat foods that contain these will lead to continued deterioration of the condition, the patient eat foods containing iodine, easy to promote thyroid tissue hardening, slow disease refractory patients. Therefore, patients with hyperthyroidism should not eat fish, kelp and other foods rich in iodine. Meanwhile, patients with hyperthyroidism, heart disease, should be taboo raw onions, raw garlic, pepper, wine and other spicy food;

To prevent a variety of infections in patients with hyperthyroidism, because the infection will get better control of the disease, so to prevent infection. Once signs of infection should be controlled as soon as possible.

Studies have shown that the chances of women with hyperthyroidism is higher than men, so women who want to draw attention to this, and female patients with hyperthyroidism should not be pregnant, lactating women breast-feeding should be suspended. Because the female patient pregnancy, estrogen secretion increased significantly elevated thyroid hormone synthesis, the mother and fetus are in a state of consumption, especially in the use of drugs to treat hyperthyroidism During Pregnancy may affect the normal development of the fetus, resulting in congenital mental retardation, so hyperthyroidism before symptoms are not controlled, not pregnancy. If found trimester hyperthyroidism, in addition to careful treatment, you should not breast-feeding postpartum. Because the drug can be transferred to the baby through breast milk, resulting in decreased thyroid function, affect infant growth and development.

Hyperthyroidism, not the common cold, fever, eat some medicine can heal quickly, its treatment is a process, so that after the discovery of the associated symptoms of hyperthyroidism, the need for timely treatment, coupled with regular daily life with health care, and hyperthyroidism problem will be solved!

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Article: Everyday life care in patients with hyperthyroidism


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