Eight health-care methods to prevent alcoholic injury liver

1. Do not drink empty stomach. Fasting rapid absorption of alcohol, and fasting on gastrointestinal injury drinking large. The best prevention is to: eat oily food or drinking milk before drinking.

2. You can add vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E before drinking, they can reduce the damage of alcohol on the liver.

3. Slowly drink. a short period of time heavy drinking can induce acute liver damage, so drink slowly.

4. Do not mix a variety of wine to drink, and do not drinks mixed wine and carbonated beverages such as cola, soft drinks and other . Various components of wine, alcohol content and so different, if mixed with each other, will make people uncomfortable after drinking, or even headaches, easy to get drunk. Ingredients in carbonated drinks can speed up alcohol absorption, and therefore should not be mixed drinks and wine.

5. Drink at the same time, prepare a glass of mineral water, drink mineral water can be appropriately.

6. Eat more vegetables. with vitamins and antioxidants in green leafy vegetables , lecithin in soy , which have the role of protecting the liver.

7. To master their own capacity for liquor, if the feeling is almost the amount, do not drink, you can find a friend or colleague on behalf of the drink.

8. After drink, may be appropriate to drink soup, eat easily digestible food, and added water.

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Article: Eight health-care methods to prevent alcoholic injury liver

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