Eczema baby’s dietotherapy recipe

How to use dietotherapy recipe, to prevent Eczema for baby?

1, loofah soup: Take 30 grams of fresh loofah, cut into small pieces into the pot with water, add salt after cooking, baby soup and eat with loofah, ringworm of milk oozing type (with water symptoms) effect is remarkable.

2, green beans lily soup: green beans 30 grams, lily 30 grams, according to the usual common methods soup, the beans cooked, even the residue along with the soup to drink. Reduce the milk ringworm itching symptoms.

3, loach soup: 30 grams of fresh loach, washed into the water cooked, add a little salt to drink the soup for milk ringworm severe symptoms.

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Article: Eczema baby’s dietotherapy recipe


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