Eat trotters Anti-aging wrinkle removal

Young skin looks smooth and plump, soft and flexible, is one of the reasons people in the dermal layer of the memory of two substances – collagen and elastic fibers, which young people are kept in the best condition. But about 25 years is over, the rate of loss of collagen in the human body began to accelerate, the supply of less wear and tear, plus ultraviolet radiation and oxidation in the body, are likely to undermine the structure of collagen, it lost its original elasticity this is why facial wrinkles and sagging skin that appear early.

Collagen in human skin has a very important role, it has a good support as prop reinforcement structure as skin tissue, make the skin look very rich. Furthermore, its ability to absorb moisture in the surrounding environment strong; when coated on the skin, and can prevent water evaporation from the surface, moisturizing effect is very significant.

Do not deliberately eat foods containing colloidal

In some gum containing foods like beef tendons, trotters, chicken wings, chicken skin, skin and cartilage, contain collagen, the substance to absorb and supplements will certainly be helpful. But beware, most of these foods are also high fat content, not suitable for regular eating.

In fact, most of them are composed of collagen, non-essential amino acids, can be synthesized by the human body. Experts recommend that people do not deliberately eat this kind of food, properly balanced diet is more important.

Some skin care products contain collagen known that rub can “supplement” that part of the loss of skin collagen, but most dermatologists believe that they exaggerate their effect. Collagen is the protein macromolecules, and even the skin surface are difficult to pass, not to mention the further reaches the dermis, “complement” the loss of collagen that part of it.

How to mitigate the loss of collagen

Since collagen supplement existing methods, regardless of outside rub or orally, the effect is not very good, the experts believe that the “prevention” to start, which is the loss of collagen and slow the degeneration of some more effective.

The first is the sun. Dermatology believes that more than 90 percent of premature aging of the skin are caused by sun exposure improper. Second, a balanced diet, especially eating more fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes, etc., but also drink plenty of red wine and tea, they can protect the collagen in the skin.

Finally, do not forget to avoid eating high-fat foods. High-calorie, high-fat, fried foods are especially prone to free radicals accelerate aging. If you can eat this kind of food is equivalent to reducing the chance of injury to the body of free radicals are the risks and skin spots, wrinkles, etc..

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Article: Eat trotters Anti-aging wrinkle removal


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