Eat pickles would endanger our health?

Pickles is made by a variety of natural fermentation of vegetables, although adding a few excipients, but the alkaline nature of vegetables has not changed. Therefore, there will be no side effects eat pickles.

Excess stomach acid who eat pickles, not only does not aggravate the disease, but also help to neutralize stomach acid, relieve discomfort. As for the pH regulation of the body, no doubt the benefits of eat pickles. First, it’s basic qualities help balance the body’s ph value. Because no heating, it will not undermine the two important nutrients – vitamin c and vitamin p. In addition, the pickles can also supply vitamin a and vitamin b, while containing a large number of dietary fiber can reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, treatment of constipation.

Some people worry that fermentation of Pickled process will produce harmful nitrite, in fact overanxious. Homemade pickles is absolutely genuine, as long as the curing time to fully appropriate the resulting nitrite is very small.

Most families are now a family of three, one time need not bubble too much, eat often bubble often, always eat fresh. For the amount of salt, can be based on your experience a little more. Do not worry too salty pickles, salty are dissolved in the water. And put in more salt appropriate, which can effectively avoid the pickles are too sour.

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Article: Eat pickles would endanger our health?

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