Eat lecithin to make the baby smarter

Fetal and infancy is a critical period for the development of the baby’s brain. At this time, the nutrition required for the development of the nervous tissue is sufficient, which directly affects the baby’s brain development and future intellectual development.

Among the many nutrients, plays a very important role in the development of the brain and nervous system and has been called the advanced neurotrophic factor by experts.

We know that the baby’s brain development includes two very important aspects, one is the size and number of brain cells, the other is the connection and enrichment of various nerve cells. Lecithin plays an irreplaceable important role in these two aspects.

First, lecithin constitutes 70-80% of the dry weight of brain cell membranes. The brain cell membrane is responsible for the nutrition of the brain cells, the output of waste, and protect cells from harmful substances. Lecithin deficiency will lead to impaired brain cell membrane, resulting in slow metabolism of brain cells, reduced immunity and regenerative capacity.

However, the brain is not able to think only with independent brain nerve cells. Only when the nerve cells establish a channel of information transmission can the brain have the ability to think. And this channel of information transmission, like a highway, the highway pavement determines the speed of information transmission; highway guardrail, to ensure the accuracy of information transmission, to prevent the information “wrong way.” Lecithin is not only a precursor to highway pavement material, but also an important part of the fence. Adequate lecithin can improve the speed and accuracy of information transmission among nerve cells, and promote the further establishment and enrichment of information channels, so that babies can respond promptly and learn more effectively.

We know that humans complete 60% of their brain development by age two. Fetal and infant stage is a critical period of brain development. Therefore, During Pregnancy, lactating mothers (mothers food) and infants and young children must intake enough lecithin, the baby has a fully developed brain, and for the further development of intelligence to create good material conditions.

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Article: Eat lecithin to make the baby smarter

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