Eat four natural foods removing halitosis – how to remove bad breath

Do you know how to remove halitosis ( bad breath)? Modern diet does not restraint bad habits, etc. can cause halitosis bad breath, bad breath how to do so? Experts say to eat yogurt, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, foods containing large amounts of vitamin C and parsley.

1. Yogurt
The latest research shows that drink yoghurt every day can reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, because the substance is make bad breath culprit. Timely drink yoghurt can also prevent the generation of harmful oral bacteria, these bacteria can cause gum disease or dental plaque. However, only natural yogurt having such effect, sugar yogurt not achieve this effect.

2. Fiber-rich vegetables and fruits
Including apples, carrots and celery. These vegetables and fruits can help a lot of saliva secretion. Saliva not only moist mouth, but also remove the plug attached to the teeth or food debris in the teeth. These residues are also one of the causes of food mouth peculiar smell.

3. Foods contain large amounts of vitamin C
Berry, citrus and other foods rich in vitamin C can form an oral cavity environment is not conducive to bacterial growth. Regular intake of vitamin C for healthy gums are also very useful. But we know that vitamin C intake from natural foods should not food additives, as an additive may cause digestive disorders.

4. Fragrant celery
This herb helps to eliminate most mouth odor, especially smell of smoke. If you can not find a fragrant celery, parsley, mint leaves can play a role in removing bad breath. In order to achieve better results, these things have to chew the longer the better, or to drink tea. In addition, these types of herbs above also good for digestion.

With above several natural deodorant, you do not have to worry about bad breath.

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Article: Eat four natural foods removing halitosis – how to remove bad breath

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