Eat 5 kinds of food can make pregnant women in good mood

Really have some food to bring you a happy mood! Some mothers because of outdoor activities to reduce or exposure to insufficient sunlight, so that they can not produce full of happy hormones, so all day pregnant after worry. Professor hademar bankhofer, a nutritionist in Vienna, recommends the following five foods that can make the mood clear (preferably green food), hoping to help expectant mothers spend their pregnancies more happily:

* Bananas: Bananas are rich in happy hormones, these happy hormones can enhance nerve function, people have a good mood.

* Potato: Potato is a positive emotional food, because it can reduce the pressure on the heart, reducing the heart to stimulate the body to send ingredients. The benefits of potatoes also lies in the rapid conversion into energy, so usually eat more potatoes are the recipe for happiness. But potato chips are not the first choice because fried potato chips, and add salt, eat more useless.

* Raisins and other dried fruits: Chewing these dried fruits slowly, absorbing large amounts of trace elements and minerals, activates the happy hormones in the brain.

* Cereals: As early as the Middle Ages, Europeans called golden, full grains as “happy food.” The reason is that cereal foods can store the energy of the sun very well and, after being absorbed by the human body, re-release, giving people the joy of energy.

* Marine fish and mushrooms: these two types of goods is the best supplier of vitamin d. Vitamin d is a very important nutrient that promotes the formation of happy hormones. Especially in winter, sunshine is not sufficient or outdoor activities should be more appropriate to eat more fish and mushrooms.

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Article: Eat 5 kinds of food can make pregnant women in good mood


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