Eat 4 kinds of food to anti-acne

Foods rich in B vitamins. B vitamins help to keep the skin moist and smooth, especially vitamin B2 can promote sebum metabolism, on behalf of foods are dairy, eggs, organ meats, lean meat, vitamin B6 promote skin metabolism, representatives of the food, including fish, egg yolk, beans.

Vitamin A-rich foods. Vitamin A helps the skin to form new cells, so that the skin soft and prevent dry chapped. Vitamin A-rich foods are whole milk, eggs and so on. Furthermore, β-carotene can be converted in the body into vitamin A, on behalf of foods are carrots, pumpkin, leek.

Zinc-rich foods. Zinc has some control sebaceous glands and reduce cell loss and keratosis role. The nutrient-rich foods are lean meat, oysters, sea cucumber, fish, eggs, walnuts, sunflower seeds, apple, mushroom and so on.

Clearing heat and fluid food. Most of the people have acne have heat, diet should be more choice with a cool remove heat, fluid and moistening effect of food, such as mushrooms, bitter gourd, cucumber, melon, tomato, green bean sprouts, lotus root, pears, apples. Face acne person should also drink plenty of water, the toxins from the body, so that blood circulation clean and smooth.

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Article: Eat 4 kinds of food to anti-acne


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