Early symptoms of diabetes What is the specific

Early symptoms of diabetes specifically, what does?

First, the physical fatigue: three patients because the body metabolism of sugar, protein, fat, not the normal release of energy, tissue dehydration, electrolyte disorders, it is susceptible to fatigue, lack of energy, tissue repair and lowered immunity.

Second, itchy skin: people with diabetes in a serious condition, there may be itchy skin. Female patients, the skin around the vulva is itching urinary irritation occurs in elderly patients after dehydration, dry skin, itchy skin may also occur in the body.

Third, are vulnerable to infection: Diabetes affects immune function, resulting in lowered immunity, prone to a variety of inflammatory skin scabies swelling, respiratory, urinary and biliary system, and difficult to treat.

Fourth, abnormal skin sensation: sensory nerve disorder caused by limb abnormal skin sensation peripheral parts, such as ants walking, numbness, tingling, itching, especially female genital itching can be the first symptom.

Five, visual impairment: diabetes can cause complications in various parts of the eye, as well as emergence of vision loss, amaurosis, blindness.

Six, X syndrome: the presence of type II diabetes, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and it can occur simultaneously or successively hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood viscosity, etc., which do not belong to symptoms of diabetes, but there are those cases, you should pay attention to whether the elevated blood sugar.

Seven, sexual dysfunction: Diabetes causes blood vessels, nervous system diseases and mental disorders caused by male impotence, female sexual apathy, menstrual disorders and other sexual dysfunction

Have there been any of these symptoms? If so, please as soon as possible to the hospital diagnosed, do not adversely affected by illness, and early in the professional treatment. I wish you good health and well wishes for the patient as soon as possible.

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Article: Early symptoms of diabetes What is the specific


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