During menstruation What can not do, what to pay attention to during menstruation

15 tips for during menstruation. Menstruation is a sex hormones secreted by the body to make endometrial shedding out of the body. During menstruation, often feeling tired, agitated, low resistance, immunity to the lowest in a month time, During this time the woman is more to care for themselves to protect themselves . What should pay attention to it ?

1. To keep a good mood.
During menstruation, a woman is easy irritability, it is because of hormones secreted by the impact, if this time we do not control their emotions, then in turn affect the secretion of hormones, we feel worse and prolong menstruation, creating a vicious cycle, may lead to more severe menstrual disorders. So during menstruation must maintain a good attitude, to feel comfortable.

2. To pay attention to hygiene.
During menstruation, when the resistance is weak, the bacteria easily invade, so this time should pay attention to hygiene. Clean the vulva with a special pot, preferably with warm water, before and after the change sanitary napkins, be sure to wash your hands.

3. To eating light.
During menstruation, weakened digestion this time we should eat easily digestible food, but also to ensure that a reasonable daily nutrition.

4. To keep warm.
During menstruation, the body defense function weaken, this time should pay more attention weatherization, prevent colds, with particular attention to warm the uterus, if the uterus cold, can cause menstrual pain.

5. Be diligent to change sanitary napkins.
Sanitary airtight, there is also a excreta it is easy to breed bacteria, so that the vagina is infected, causing symptoms such as vaginitis. So sanitary napkins frequently changes, usually 2-3 hours for once, no matter more with less by volume, must promptly replaced.

6. Do not beat the waist.
During menstruation, backache is normal, due to pelvic congestion caused, if this time we beat the waist, will aggravate backache, can also cause excessive bleeding, prolonged menstrual period.

7. Do not sedentary.
Sitting not let the blood flow out smoothly, easily lead to pelvic congestion, but also make napkin close vulva to breed bacteria.

8. Avoid cold spicy.
Eat cold spicy food will prolong menstruation, causing menstrual disorders, can cause menstrual pain.

9. Avoid strenuous exercise.
Menstrual already feeling tired, if strenuous exercise, will be more tired, and intense exercise causes excessive bleeding, prolonged menstrual period.

10. Avoid bathtub, sitz bath.
The body of the bacteria sitz bath bathtub booty, are washed in the water, sitz bath bathtub and very easy to let the sewage into the vagina, infection occurs.

11. Avoid drinking alcohol.
During menstruation, the alcohol decomposition enzyme affected hormone secretion is reduced, and thus can not quickly decompose the alcohol may result in alcohol poisoning and alcohol make more quantitative menstruation.

12. Avoid swimming during menstruation.
Public swimming pools, people coming and going inevitably bring bacteria, menstrual swim easily sewage into the vagina, can cause cross-infection.

13. Avoid tooth extraction.
Menstrual thrombocytopenia, decreased coagulation, this time can cause major bleeding tooth extraction.

14. Avoid sexual intercourse.
Do not have sex during menstruation, endometrial shedding is because menstruation, sexual intercourse at this time, will hurt the uterus, causing not pregnant, but also easy into bacteria, increased by the amount prolong menstruation.

15. Avoid wearing tight pants.
Wear tight pants, one airtight easy to breed bacteria, the second is not conducive to the flow of blood can cause menstrual pain.


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Article: During menstruation What can not do, what to pay attention to during menstruation

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