Does permanent validity after hepatitis B vaccination?

For now, the most effective means for the prevention of hepatitis B virus infection is hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccine is used to prevent hepatitis B specific drugs. After vaccination, can stimulate the immune system to produce protective antibodies that exist in human body fluids, hepatitis B virus occur, the antibody will immediately effect, to clear and prevent infection, and will not harm the liver, so that the body with the prevention of hepatitis B immunity, so as to achieve the purpose of the prevention of hepatitis B infection. And various types of hepatitis B virus carriers in the daily contacts, can play an effective role in blocking.

After inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine can for how long?

According to China’s medical survey, in accordance with the provisions of 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine inoculation program after one month 97% of the people can be measured on the surface of antibody; 2nd year remained at this level; 3rd year dropped to about 74%, antibody titers degree also declined. Even to the vaccination of 15 years, 51% of vaccinated body still contains antibodies against the hepatitis B virus, vaccination against hepatitis B virus population remains resistant. Proof of hepatitis B vaccination of the population, the immune system can keep at least half of the population of 15 years.
But not to say that in 15 years does not require revaccination hepatitis B vaccine. Vaccinated each case is different, some people higher antibody levels after hepatitis B vaccination, longer duration; while some people after hepatitis B vaccination, antibody levels lower, shorter duration. Hepatitis B antibodies disappeared or when the body is too low, you should revaccination hepatitis B vaccine.

Therefore, hepatitis B vaccine should not revaccination, how long it takes multiple cropping, for everyone should be treated differently. In the end need to be vaccinated again, mainly to the determination of the hepatitis B surface antibody titers to decide when to call the hepatitis B vaccine. So how do you know it need not require revaccination? At this time, we need to look at the five hepatitis B (also known as hepatitis B two pairs of semi-) results in hepatitis B surface antibody titers of.

When the hepatitis B surface antibody titer is less than or equal to 10 IU / ml, should be vaccinated within six months titer greater than 10 IU / ml may be cropping in six years. Most scholars proposed to strengthen the country’s three years after immunization 1 as well.

In addition, Alone in the carriers of hepatitis B virus surface antigen and hepatitis B vaccination of other family members for nearly 10 years, when family members risk of hepatitis B virus infection is relatively high, the best vaccine for hepatitis B revaccination.

Finally, it should be reminded that, during various periods of acute or non-acute exacerbation of chronic hepatitis B vaccination were. Abnormal liver function checks the first not to hepatitis B vaccine, identify the cause, treatment, normal liver function after the line to be vaccinated.

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Article: Does permanent validity after hepatitis B vaccination?


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