Do not blindly give children to eat supplements

Parents want their children to grow up healthy, but the child’s growth and development due to congenital or acquired factors, there is always some individual differences, some children may grow shorter than junior partner, or some children susceptible to illness, parents often therefore And anxious. Some parents in order to children’s growth, they are keen on allowing children to eat a lot of nutritional supplements, hoping children grow better.

Now many supplements on the market is to function for a certain situation, but there is good and bad nutrition supplements, disease-free chaos complement or complement wrong way is not only useless, but harmful. Therefore, some of the counteraction of tonic can not be ignored.

1, tonic ingredients complex, some supplements contain sex hormones, children taking the risk of causing precocious puberty.

2, tonic to take too much can interfere with the child’s digestion and absorption. When children’s nutrition and calories are sufficient, extra supplements will not be able to reach the benefits. Excessive nutritional supplements may also interfere with children’s gastrointestinal function, reduce appetite, and some children’s tonic results affect the normal growth and development.

3, excessive supplements can cause disease or harm to the health of children. In recent years, children also suffer from poisoning due to overdose of vitamins. This is because parents are afraid of lack of vitamins and long-term use of their babies. Such as acute excess of vitamin A caused by hydrocephalus.

Therefore, do not blindly add to the , if the child’s health is not good, ask a doctor to check.

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Article: Do not blindly give children to eat supplements

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