Dietary treatment of atherosclerosis – tips to prevent atherosclerosis

Dietary treatment of atherosclerosis is a main measures to prevent atherosclerosis.

1, The intake of calories and energy consumption must be balanced, it is best to keep this balance standard weight range. If you are overweight, not only to reduce calorie intake, physical activity should also be enhanced to strengthen the calories consumption.

2, Focus on reducing dietary animal fat and protein, each meal must be strictly controlled meat food. Because even the most lean meat containing 10-20% of animal fat, put fat intake reduced to a minimum.

3, Lower cholesterol intake. No more than three egg yolks per day, aquatic shellfish (lobster, shrimp, oysters) per month is best to eat only 2 to 3 times, less eat animal liver, kidney and other organs, because animal offal contains a large amount of cholesterol and of fat.

4, More cooking with vegetable oil, fewer cooking use animal oil and butter.

5, Do not eat or Eat less butter, candy or sour beverages, eat less sweet food, eat less refined sugar, eat more the standard powder, eat less refined powder. This can improve digestion, reduce calorie intake, also reduces the intestinal absorption of fat and cholesterol.

6, Eat more vegetables, fruits and all kinds of foods rich in carbohydrates can provide calories to the body. In other words, all kinds of food, and black bread, brown rice, beans, peas, carrots, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, peaches, pears, apples, containing all the necessary nutrients. Not raise blood cholesterol in the case, to supply all the heat for people need.

7, Drink coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages should be appropriate of amount. These beverages stimulate the brain, heart and circulatory system, and stimulate gastric acid secretion, make people feel hungry. Best to drink natural juices when thirsty, decaffeinated coffee, skim milk and water.

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Article: Dietary treatment of atherosclerosis – tips to prevent atherosclerosis

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