Diet tips to prevent liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma)

1,To eat orange and carrots to prevent
Vegetables and fruits on the liver protective effect , as the vitamins, minerals, fiber produced by the interaction. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes and citrus fruits to prevent the strongest effect. Day should eat five or five or more fruits and vegetables, including the morning drink a glass of fruit juice, on the afternoon to eat a piece of fruit, eat dinner when two or more vegetables, such a day the total intake of about 400 – 800 grams, can be allows you to reduce the risk of liver cancer 20%.

2, Eat dairy products to prevent liver cancer
Medical studies have shown that in the case of the control drink, if the daily consumption of dairy products, including milk, yogurt, etc., will reduce the risk of liver cancer in 78%.

3, Drink tea to prevent liver cancer
Regular drink tea, which is very useful prevention liver cancer.

4, Do not eat moldy food to prevent liver cancer
Spring, moldy food easily. And moldy food in aflatoxin-induced liver cancer for the material, carcinogenic only the shortest time 24 weeks, so food should be properly stored, once the moldy should be discarded immediately, especially soybeans, peanuts, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, must not be eaten. In addition, peanut oil also should not be long storage. Otherwise, not only taste bad, more importantly, lead to cancer.

5, Do not eat or eat less pickles to prevent liver cancer
Sauerkraut, pickles, salted fish and other pickles tasty appetizer. But pickles contain higher amounts of nitrosamines, experiments to prove the occurrence of liver cancer, the best do not eat or eat less.

6, Do not drink alcohol or less to prevent liver cancer
Long-term drinking, alcohol will digest the gastric mucosa, gastric cells, once injured, the toxic substances in food are likely to be absorbed by the stomach, which easily lead to alcoholic hepatitis, damage the liver’s detoxification function, and even lead to alcoholic cirrhosis, this is a risk factor for liver cancer. If moldy peanuts to drinks, induced a greater likelihood of liver cancer. Adult male alcohol consumption per person per day not more than 2 cups, women can not exceed 1 cup.

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Article: Diet tips to prevent liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma)

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