Diet tips to delay of wrinkles

Eat properly, can delay the occurrence of wrinkles. Eat more foods rich in chondroitin food: such as pig bone soup, beef bone soup, chicken skin, chicken bone soup, etc., can enhance the skin’s elasticity.

The human skin is divided into 3 layers of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue. Mainly affect the skin beauty dermis. The dermis is constituted by the elastic fibers, and composed of elastic fibers in the main material is chondroitin sulfate.

The human body should lack chondroitin, skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles. So, eat more foods rich in chondroitin sulfate-containing, you can delay the occurrence of wrinkles, keeping the skin elasticity and delicate.

Eat more food: rich in nucleic acids, such as fish, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, white fungus, honey, etc., can remove age spots. Recent studies found that both anti-aging supplement nucleic acid foods, can prevent skin wrinkles.

Eat more foods rich in alkaline: Alkaline foods include most vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood and so on. Studies have shown that too much acidic food makes the blood acidic, lactic acid in the blood uric acid increased. These substances with the sweat to the skin surface, it will cause the skin to become dynamic, loss of elasticity, in particular, often facial skin laxity weakness, cold or sun exposure, easily cracked. Eat more alkaline foods, can make blood weakly alkaline to reduce the content of lactic acid, urea, and mitigate the erosion of skin damage.

Eat more foods rich in collagen protein: pigskin, pig’s trotters, turtle. This collagen increase the skin water storage functionality, and moisturize the skin to maintain moisture balance of the skin inside and outside cells. Collagen is the main raw material for the growth of skin cells and make the skin look plump, soft white, wrinkle reduction or disappearance of people look younger.

In addition, vitamin A is to maintain flexibility and luster of the skin. Vitamin C, E and antioxidants, prevents skin fat oxidation, enhance the vitality of the skin epidermis and dermis cells, to avoid premature aging of skin.

Iron and copper can make the blood filling the skin. Get enough nutrition to the skin to avoid wrinkles early. Note that the intake of foods rich in vitamin A, C, E and trace elements iron, copper, food, but also conducive to anti-wrinkle.

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Article: Diet tips to delay of wrinkles

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