Diet tips to avoid of diabetes

What about the diet tips to avoid of diabetes? Diabetics need a regulated diet to keep their blood sugar at the correct levels. Foods that help prevent diabetes are many of the same foods you would partake of in a healthy diet. Specific foods help prevent diabetes by regulating blood sugar. Diet along with regular exercise helps to avoid of diabetes.

Foods that Regulate Blood Sugar

Foods that help regulate blood sugar include chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, onions, fenugreek, stevia and bitter melon.

Avoid Sugars

Avoid white sugar, honey and processed sweets while also limiting amounts of natural fruit and fruit juice.

Limit High Fat Proteins

Keep intake of red meats and meat in general low. High fat meats, especially red meats, contain high levels of saturated fat.


Fiber intake is important to keep blood sugar regular in type 2 diabetes. Fiber can be found in plant foods such as oats, brown rice, vegetables, beans, whole grains and soy products.

Limit White Foods

Limit simple carbohydrates, starchy processed foods such as pasta, white bread and potatoes. Simple carbs spike blood sugar levels.

Low Fat Foods

The diet should be low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Whole grains, vegetables and nuts are considered complex carbohydrates for a healthy diet.

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Article: Diet tips to avoid of diabetes


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