Diabetes treatment process precautions

Numerous ways to treat diabetes, but the current lack of a way to completely cure diabetes, treatment for diabetes, the purpose is to control the further development of the disease and avoid complications, treatment modalities, including many, such as the common diet therapy, exercise therapy The following matters should be noted that the treatment of diabetes process are introduced:

Diabetes treatment requires attention to weight control, exercise and diet control. Most obese patients with diabetes Jue, if you can reduce weight and regular physical exercise, without the use of medication. However, reducing weight, increasing exercise for most diabetic patients is difficult to achieve, and therefore oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin replacement therapy is often necessary. Direct physical exercise to lower blood sugar levels, can often reduce the amount of insulin.

Dietary modification is very important. In general, patients with diabetes should not eat too many sweets, eating should rule. Morning or evening injection of insulin who add some snacks in the evening before going to bed or to help prevent hypoglycemia. Diabetics often have high cholesterol, you need to limit the intake of saturated fat. The best way to lower blood cholesterol levels or blood sugar and weight control.

Most diabetics responsible by understanding their illness and how to control the disease process benefited from the best in this regard education received by specially trained nurses diabetes education. All diabetics must understand how diet and exercise IMPACT own blood sugar levels, learn how to avoid complications, such as checking whether the skin ulceration, also must pay special attention to avoid foot infections. Annual eye examination is necessary, can be found in vascular disease can cause blindness in diabetic retinopathy as early as possible.

Living with diabetes is more a taboo issues, such as in the diet should pay attention to the low-calorie, low-fat diet mainly containing vitamins, and fiber foods have a certain supplement, but it should be noted that, make sure balanced diet.

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Article: Diabetes treatment process precautions


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