Dark color vegetables more suitable for pregnant women

The nutritional status of pregnant women and fetal growth and development closely, requirements for various nutrients women During Pregnancy greatly increased, especially protein, vitamins, minerals such as calcium and iron. Ensure that daily consumption of 500 grams of vegetables, especially dark colored vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, garland chrysanthemum, amaranth and other protein-rich beans and vegetables, for pregnant women and fetal health.

When pregnant women from going to develop good eating habits during this period women on nutrition intake is great, not only their own required, but also the supply to the unborn fetus. Otherwise, it will not only affect the health of the fetus will develop picky eaters and other bad eating habits after the child is born, in particular, to eat some dark colored vegetables such as eggplant.

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Article: Dark color vegetables more suitable for pregnant women


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