Daily detox food

Which foods have detox effect in our life? :

1, Red beans

Increase gastric motility and reduce constipation, promote urination. At bedtime may be soaked red beans stew with rice cooker for some time, the sugar-free bean soup the next day instead of boiled water to drink, can effectively promote detoxification.

2, Kelp

Kelp contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharides, to remove the attachment of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, so maintain normal cholesterol levels. Kelp alginate due to high moisture content, can form a gelatinous substance in the intestines, helps to eliminate toxic substances and prevent the body’s absorption of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, rid the body of radioactive elements, while helping to treat atherosclerosis, and to prevent constipation and colon cancer. Kelp also contains a lot of iodine, can stimulate the pituitary, to enable women to reduce estrogen levels, ovarian function returned to normal, to eliminate hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.

3, Black fungus

Fungus grows in damp cool environment, can eliminate toxic heat in the blood. Black fungus in the plant gum with a strong adhesive force, can be left in the human digestive system of impurities from the body, play a role in bowel cleansing. Black fungus on the body of indigestible husk, wood residues, sand, metal shavings, etc. with dissolution. Gallstones, kidney stones, also have to resolve the function. Black fungus can reduce blood clots, prevent the occurrence of thrombosis.

4, Green beans

Chinese medicine believes that green beans can be detoxification, can help the body excrete toxic to promote the body’s normal metabolism. Green beans can be toxic hangover, mushroom poisoning, arsenic poisoning, organophosphate poisoning, lead poisoning, salvianolic Stone poison, rat poison dangerous drugs. Mung bean also contains lower blood pressure and lipid-lowering ingredients. Feeding green bean sprouts, treat night blindness due to vitamin A deficiency caused by lack of vitamin B2 tongue sores caused by inflammation and scrotal inflammation, caused by a lack of vitamin C, such as scurvy.

5, Carrots

Carrot is effective detoxification food, then combined with the body of mercury ions, can effectively lower blood concentrations of mercury ions, accelerate the discharge of mercury ions in vivo. Amber carrots contained potassium, helps prevent hardening of the arteries, lower cholesterol. Carotene contained in carrots can clear the cause of human aging free radicals, B vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C contained also soothing, anti-aging effect. Women eating carrots can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.

6, Yam

Yam can rectify the digestive system, reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, to avoid obesity, and increased immune function. With raw food detox best. Can be peeled white yam and pineapple cut into small pieces, together labeled as juice drink, have stomach and intestines function.

7, Pearl barley

Pearl Barley can promote blood circulation, water metabolism, play a diuretic effect of swelling, help to improve the edema obesity. Barley water is a good detoxification method, directly after the barley boiled with water, add a little fitness personal taste sugar, is a natural skin whitening skin care products.

8, Millet

Millet gluten-free, will not stimulate the intestinal wall, are relatively moderate fiber, easily digested, and therefore suitable with detox meals. Millet gruel is very suitable for detoxification, there is remove heat diuretic effect, nutrient-rich, but also helps to whiten.


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Article: Daily detox food


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