Contraindicated in patients with three positive hepatitis B

Three positive hepatitis B patients for the occurrence of harm is relatively large, will not only harm the patient’s health, but also to the patient’s family brought large economic burden, so we must be against this disease have a correct understanding, then what are hepatitis B positive patients can not make a taboo?

When suffering from hepatitis B three positive future, they need to pay attention to the daily diet, a reasonable diet, science diet, can provide a rich body of nutrients, adequate nutrients, in order to ensure the proper functioning of bodily functions. There has always been sick folk saying to diet, many people hearsay, gullible Three positive hepatitis B patients can not eat chicken, lamb, fish and so on. This is not correct.

Is to adhere to a reasonable diet, taboos overeating, especially too much meat and sugar. Excessive eating meat and carbohydrates, proteins and carbohydrates causes excess food into fat and stored, in which the liver is an important storage spot, Over time, the body fat is bound to the formation of fatty liver, so that the burden of illness of the liver promote Three positive hepatitis B deteriorate. Three positive hepatitis B patients with the best arrangements a variety of balanced diet, especially to self-control weight, eat less animal fat, fried foods, salted meat, whole milk.

In order to reduce the recurrence of hepatitis B, hepatitis B positive patients in addition to not violate the above described food taboos things, Three positive hepatitis B patients who do not drink, drinking very pernicious. The main ingredient is alcohol, ethyl alcohol can be converted in the liver to an aldehyde, which has a direct damage to the liver, the role of liver cell degeneration and necrosis. Hepatitis B positive patients had liver cell damage in itself, coupled with drinking more is worse, prompting sicker direction of evolution to cirrhosis or liver cancer. Three positive hepatitis B patients with temperance, abstinence is unconditional, liquor, beer are taboo range.

These are hepatitis B positive patients which can not be guilty of a taboo in detail, I believe we should have a certain understanding, we hope to provide some help, patients should pay more attention to living conditions in the prevention, detection and timely after illness to hospital for treatment, do not miss the best time for treatment.

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Article: Contraindicated in patients with three positive hepatitis B

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