Computer users regimen detox methods

Health detox method for computer users not a general important because computer users is to long at the computer. Whether it is office workers or other occupations, should learn methods of detoxification regimen.

Recommended for you six detox food, health office computer users must see!

1, Green vegetables

Fresh vegetables are the body’s “cleaner”, the secret lies in vegetables has a “secret weapon”, the basic ingredients, can make blood alkaline, dissolving the precipitate in the cells of toxins, making the urine excreted.


Kelp is a radioactive substance “nemesis”, contains a gelatinous substance called kelp, can contribute to the discharge of radioactive substances into the human body from the gut.

3, Pig blood

Pig blood plasma protein-rich plasma protein digestive enzymes after decomposition, can enter the body with dust, harmful metal particles react to new substances become difficult to dissolve settle down, and then excreted.

4, Green beans

Folk known as “bean soup detoxification,” said. Modern medical studies have proven that green beans contain help the body excrete toxins, speed up the metabolism of the substance, which can effectively resist various forms of pollution.

5, black fungus

The biggest advantage is that the black fungus can help expel cellulose material, so that these harmful fibers to gain a foothold in the body.

6, Tea

Great harm to computer vision, often operating computers should drink more, eyesight anti-radiation beverages, such as wolfberry tea, chrysanthemum tea, green tea. Often drink chrysanthemum tea can also receive your eyesight effect, Liver eyesight wolfberry tea can prevent vision loss and restore sight. Tea has anti-radiation effect, can reduce the radiation hazards computer screen X-rays. Tea is rich in polyphenols and other components can be adsorbed and lipopolysaccharide capture radioactive substances excreted after and its binding. Outside such as milk, eggs, liver, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, lentils, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, apples, carrots and other cruciferous vegetables, is not only the common people to the table and delicious dishes, but also has radiation injury function.

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Article: Computer users regimen detox methods


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