Common sense drink milk in winter

Winter drink a glass of warm milk, warm stomach and good sleep. Speaking of milk, it seems that we can not forget the chocolate, but milk while eating chocolate is very not scientific. Because milk is rich in calcium and protein, but when you eat chocolate contains oxalic acid, milk and chocolate, milk chocolate calcium oxalate easy and formation of insoluble precipitates of calcium oxalate. People not only can not absorb, a long time, there will be dry hair, diarrhea, calcium deficiency and growth retardation and other phenomena. So, drinking milk and eating chocolate time to separate.

Not with milk, to eat the same time foods: oranges and milk – in about one hour before and after drinking milk, not oranges. Because the protein in milk and orange in the acid once met, solidification occurs, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of milk, in this time period should not eat other acidic fruits. Juice and milk – milk juice acidic environment in the aggregation, 80% milk protein casein, milk pH at 4.6 or less, and a lot of casein protein aggregation will occur, precipitation, difficult digestion and absorption, severe cases may also may cause indigestion or diarrhea. Therefore, milk, juice and other acidic beverages should not be added. Milk and Sugar – milk and sugar in the reaction under heating conditions of harmful substances, milk contains lysine under heating reaction with fructose, fructose-lysine to generate toxic, harmful to the human body. When boiling fresh milk do not add sugar, cooked some milk cooler, plus sugar later.

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Article: Common sense drink milk in winter


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