Cold environment can help lose weight

American researchers have recently pointed out that exposure to a cold environment helps the body to increase brown fat, this fat can burn calories and thus lose weight.

So far studies have found that the human body is responsible for storing the excess energy of white fat, and brown fat can burn energy, so that the temperature rise. Because people usually live in a temperature-controlled environment, the demand for brown fat is gradually reduced, so brown fat in the body of a higher proportion of infants in the body of a small proportion of adults.

University of California, Berkeley, researchers found that a long time in the cold air, the body of a transcription factor Zfp516 content will increase, fat is essential for the formation of such transcription factors brown. The researchers said that as brown fat only to release heat, can also affect metabolism, and therefore has an important significance in the treatment of obesity and diabetes.

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Article: Cold environment can help lose weight


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