Children eat fish – benefit the brain and increased intelligence

Fish since ancient times because of its nutrient-rich, loved by the people, the baby in the developmental period, the nutritional needs of large, indeed fit through more fish supplement. But specific to freshwater fish is good, or saltwater fish is good, should have their pros and cons.

Saltwater fish in the brain gold content  is relatively large, the baby’s memory and ability to think of great help, but his big fat content of individual children hypoplasia digestive function, easy to cause diarrhea and other symptoms of indigestion.

Freshwater fish, then a low fat content, fine protein content is relatively large, easy to absorb. However, freshwater fish fishbone small, a little dangerous, easily stuck with the child, under normal circumstances, only fit to eat more than 1 year old. Nutritionists recommend, Hairtail, salmon, croaker, and is ideal for children, perch, eel, also good.

Hairtail brain gold and polyunsaturated content than freshwater fish to be high, and it’s a lot of lecithin, the effect is more benefit the brain. Also, taste delicious, small thorn less, can reduce the risk of throat fishbone stuck.

Croaker: quite suitable for baby to eat in the summer. Its nutritionally adequate fresh fish is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, etc., and fish tissue is soft and easier to digest and absorb the child. In addition, the croaker meat was garlic cloves-like, no broken spines, suitable for children to chew.

Salmon: Salmon is most characteristic of unsaturated fatty acids, can help your baby develop. And there are a lot of of vA, vB, vD, vE, as well as calcium and minerals, and its tender meat, smooth texture, bright colors, great for kids to eat.

Fish is good for children, but still need to pay attention to cooking methods

Doctors suggest that Mom and Dad is best to use steamed, boiled, in such a way to do fish. You can also make kids like fish balls, so relatively light dishes, taste delicious, no matter what kind of fish can do. Specific methods: the minced fish meat, add egg white, salt, MSG transferred into a puree. Pot and add water to a boil, the fish paste extruded balls, one by one under the pot cooked, then add a little salt, chopped green onion.

Do to the baby fish, adding some vegetables, both beautiful and delicious. Fish stews, we might with melon, mushrooms, carrots, tofu. Note, however, should not taste too salty, but do not add spicy sauces, Essence of Chicken and MSG should put less.

The doctor said that most parents just give the baby to drink soup without meat. But the correct way of eating is both fish meat and soup.

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Article: Children eat fish – benefit the brain and increased intelligence

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