How to make the skin white and tender?

How to make the skin white and tender? Following skin whiteing tips:
Avoid sunlight in the sun Irradiating the skin, regardless of sunny days, there is ultraviolet light. Try to avoid sunshine from 10 pm to 3 pm Go out to wipe sunscreen, wearing a sun hat, wearing long sleeves, the use of umbrellas. This protects the skin from UV rays. Exposed areas can wipe a little sunscreen.
Eat foods containing vitamin C
Such as kiwi, melon, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, fresh dates, raw pears, oranges, broccoli, grape juice, orange [...]

Flour white vinegar whitening mask

How to make flour white vinegar whitening mask?
Material: 10 grams of flour, white vinegar 20 ml.
1, All the materials mixed, stir;
2, After cleansing, the mask evenly applied to the face, wash with water after 15 minutes can be.
Efficacy: Flour rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium and other substances, not only deep cleansing the skin, as well as anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effect, with the use of white vinegar, can dilute the skin pigmentation, whiten the skin effect, it is recommended weekly Do it twice. Note that dry skin [...]

How to whiten skin tips ultra strong skin whitening methods

How to skin whitening tips, any one of the beauty of women are happy. Because everyone wants to make the skin become white and tender, so as to make the summer wear a beautiful dress. How skin whitening tips are those? In order to let everyone more effectively whiten skin, put the following the strong how to whiten the skin tips to share with you, only hope that can help you.
How to whiten skin tips 1: whitening exfoliating
Body whitening want, but remember to clean up the old waste [...]

Women need whitening, eat these foods

Woman to get their skin white and tender, be sure to eat these fruits and vegetables.
Kiwi, Kiwi content of every one hundred grams of flesh up to one hundred milligrams of vitamin C or more, is 5-10 times of citrus, times hailed as the king of fruits.
Cherry, red cherry is not only rich in vitamin C content, but also contain more iron, whitening while blood and kidney.
Lemon, lemon slices soaked in water to drink can promote metabolism, anti-aging, soften skin, in addition to flood damage, it can also [...]

How to whiten the facial skin

I believe that many women want to have a white face, but some people will think this is a genetic skin, but we can be acquired through conditioning to improve our skin, our skin become white.
Life originated in water, water we have seen how important, our normal amount of drinking water a day is about 2.5L, that is, we often talk about eight glasses of water, 8 glasses of water is the amount of water intake one day (including drinking water contained in food every day), daily morning [...]

6 kinds of food can be whitening skin

skin whitening can make people become self-confident, to become happy, even more lovely. White does not have to apply to the face all kinds of cosmetics or skin care products, in life there are many foods also can whitening.
Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and carotene, vitamin A and the role of lubrication and skin healthy and strong, can effectively control freckles and rough skin, the skin becomes white.
Attaining a cucumber is a universal way of whitening, free amino acids and fruit acids it contains, can [...]

Skin whitening method – the most potent skin whitening methods

We can use some skin whitening methods to whiten the skin, especially the kind of classic and effective skin whitening method, as long as a month or so, you can clearly feel the skin white, super-efficient skin whitening methods.
Skin Whitening Method One: Sunscreen
Most women know to go out or coated with sunscreen isolation. This is with the popularity of the concept of scientific skin care, more and more women know that to be anti-aging sunscreen, sunscreen prior to whitening. Visible, sunscreen whitening skin care method is the most [...]

The skin whitening fruit and vegetable juice

Watermelon juice can not only use as a lotion, but also drinking, watermelon contains a lot of water and fiber, it juiced, deposited on the face, with a good moisturizing effect, can shrink pores, skin becomes clean and moist , smooth, if you can quench their thirst for drink is refreshing good to share.
We know that lemon also has a good cosmetic effect, Lemon is rich in a variety of nutrients vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins, etc., often drink lemon juice, not only soft white [...]

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