Smoking man how to protect your skin?

Smoking in men seems to have become a matter of course in today’s society, smoke-filled all day long, in addition to the already known as easy to cause cancer, the smoke on men’s skin will also have a significant impact.
Hazards of smoking on the skin
1, Nicotine:
Nicotine is the most deadly poison contained in tobacco and can be poisoned both by smokers and secondhand smokers because it enters the body through the skin. Smoking can prevent the body’s absorption of vitamins, of which vitamin C has antioxidant effects, can [...]

How to protect your skin at work – Jobs including manufacturing, food preparation and construction

How to protect your skin at work? Jobs including manufacturing, food preparation and construction may expose your skin to harsh, irritating chemicals. How you can protect your skin at work:
1, Make sure your work area is clean, and chemicals appropriately labeled and stored. Dispose of all waste in appropriate containers.
2,Have eye wash stations and safety showers available, and always wear protective goggles, gloves and aprons.
3, Before you leave work, change out of any clothing soiled with chemicals.
4, Wash your hands with soap and water, and apply lotion or cream after [...]

10 ways to Treat Scalp Scabs

How to Treat Scalp Scabs?  Are you constantly scratching your head? If yes, it could be due to scabs on your scalp. Scabs are raised, crusty areas or patches on the scalp. Some are yellowish, while others are dark brown, reddish or black. They are often itchy and can bleed sometimes. This problem can be an embarrassing nuisance, especially if the itchiness is relentless and you simply must scratch away. Frequently, scalp scabs are due to dry scalp. The problem also may be a symptom of another skin condition that is affecting [...]

How to smothe the Psoriasis on Your Feet

How to smothe the Psoriasis on Your Feet ? Psoriasis causes red, scaly, itchy plaques on the skin, including the feet.
The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests these ways to soothe it:

Moisturize your feet regularly. Choose a moisturizer that’s hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
Soak feet in an oatmeal bath.
Ask your doctor about special light therapy.
Avoid psoriasis triggers, such as alcohol and exposure to dry air.
See a podiatrist if your foot psoriasis doesn’t improve.

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Athletes how to prevent Skin infections

Athletes how to prevent Skin infections? Skin infections are common in athletes, often triggered by sweaty equipment that rubs against skin. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these prevention tips:

Wash your hands often with soap and water. Or use a hand sanitizer.
Take a shower as soon as possible after practice or a game.
After each use, wash and thoroughly dry your uniform.
Never share personal items, such as razors, towels, lotions or soaps with others.
Use a towel to protect your skin from equipment that is shared with others, including [...]

Use products Caring for psoriasis tips in the winter

Use products Caring for psoriasis tips in the winter. Caring for psoriasis is a challenge during winter, when everyone’s skin tends to become dry and itchy.
The National Psoriasis Foundation says you should use products that:

Are free of fragrance.
Do not contain alcohol.
Are made for sensitive skin.
Do not aggravate skin. Products marked “natural” can still be irritating.

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How to Take Care of Your Lips In Winter

Do you know how to Take Care of Your Lips In Winter? Everyone likes to have bright, pink and smooth lips. But as the winter season sets in, the harsh weather takes a toll on your lips and makes them dry, chapped and dull.
Cold weather and low humidity result in extremely dry air, which steals moisture away from your lips. Indoor heat further robs the air of moisture and makes the problem worse. Plus, as the skin on your lips is very thin and has no oil glands to prevent it [...]

Psoriasis patients how to care for the skin

Instant turn to the fall, the temperature is declining, the humidity is getting smaller and smaller. Every time this season, there will be patients with psoriasis due to improper maintenance of the skin, making the skin lesions increased. Then the psoriasis patients how to maintain the skin?
To ensure adequate sleep every day, try to sleep before 22 o’clock, do not stay up all night. Adequate sleep is good for the skin.
Pay attention to nutritional balance, do not eat food to stimulate the skin, such as green onions, garlic, [...]

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