Menstrual period do not do five things

What cant do in Menstrual period?
1. Do not massage hammer waist
Consequences: cause excessive menstrual flow, menstrual period extended
Many women during menstruation will feel more tired than usual, general soreness and fatigue, so many people will do massage. In fact, women in the menstrual period, is best to avoid the waist, foot massage. And this and of promoting blood circulation drugs the same thing, the same may lead to further increase in the amount menstruation. In addition, there are many women in the menstrual severe backache, back pain phenomenon, [...]

The Dysmenorrhea how to do?

Among the female population, many people have suffered from dysmenorrhea experience some dysmenorrhea patients total holding bodily harm on the mentality of the past, there are serious patients need to rely on effective painkillers to ease the pain of their forbearance and toleranceis a great need for timely treatment.That there is no better dysmenorrhea treatment? Here we talk about girls dysmenorrhea how to do? You can refer to the following diet and healthcare to help you get rid of dysmenorrhea.
Large amounts of calcium in yogurt as well [...]

Improve menstrual syndrome food

What foods Improve menstrual syndrome? Recommended several healthy diet to help you easily spend menstrual syndrome.
1,banana – Banana relieve anxiety
Banana is rich in vitamin B6, premenstrual emotional stability will be maintained when the female body adequate intake of vitamin B6. Because vitamin B6 can increase neurotransmitter secretion of the hormone, which can effectively alleviate premenstrual symptoms of anxiety.
2, spinach – Spinach alleviate dysmenorrhea
Spinach is rich in vitamin E may reduce prostate hormone secretion, the the prostate hormone is caused by dysmenorrhea one of the factors, and therefore adequate [...]

What food relieve dysmenorrhea

Women dysmenorrhea how to alleviate it ? What foods can relieve dysmenorrhea and promoting blood circulation ?
Grapes: in 1997, the University of Wisconsin found that drank three purple grape juice can reduce platelet aggregation force 40%, similar to aspirin, thrombolytic, anticoagulant and insoluble fiber role. In particular, grape skin contains flavonoids, a role in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
Lemon: Lemon combination of citric acid and calcium ions into soluble compounds, can ease the calcium to promote the role of blood clotting, prevention and treatment of hypertension [...]

Six kinds of diet tips can help you to solve women’s menstrual troubles

Six kinds of diet can help you to solve women’s menstrual troubles. Some women each time before menstruation can become moody, cry easily, depression, mood changes, even do not understand why there will be. Some women near the menstrual period, and found their breasts to harden, and breast tenderness to the a little can not touch. The diet of these physical changes can be very helpful, then the following example. Eating tips during women menstruation:
1, Moodiness – lack of vitamin B6
Some women each time before menstruation can become [...]

Brown sugar skin care and beauty

Brown sugar contains carotene, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, amino acids, glucose and other components of cells have potent antioxidant and repair function, so that whitening cells from the beginning, and sometimes even more than the popular laser beams, fruit acids skin and other methods more effective, treatment is more thorough.
1, Brown sugar, ginger tea: 15 grams of ginger, Appropriate amount of brown sugar. Boiling water brewing to drink, can effectively relieve cold blood stasis-based women’s dysmenorrhea pain.
2, Fungus red date tea: black fungus 50 grams, jujube 10, Brown sugar [...]

What foods dont eat during menstruation?

Six kinds of food caused by dysmenorrhea, during menstruation periods do not eat these foods.
1, Containing caffeine beverages
Caffeine causes breast tenderness, causing irritability, anxiety, emotional instability, while consuming the body stores of vitamin B, destruction of carbohydrate metabolism.
2, Sugar
Sugar will consume in the body of vitamin B and minerals, and makes the stomach more likely to eat sugars foods.
3, Wine
Alcohol will consume within the body vitamin B and minerals , too much alcohol will  damage carbohydrate metabolism, which will lead to women dysmenorrhea.
4, High sodium foods
High-sodium foods cause breast [...]

6 foods can relieve dysmenorrhea during menstruation – how to relieve dysmenorrhea

Most women in the premenstrual and menstrual period will feel bloating, fatigue, headache, dysmenorrhea, and mood swings and other symptoms, and some digestive problems. Prevention and treatment of these symptoms is one of the best ways to develop healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits not only of women in the menstrual significant benefits, for their overall health is also very active role.
1, Beans food relieve dysmenorrhea:
Eating high fiber content of beans and peas to help reduce the symptoms of congestive within the uterus, so as to reduce dysmenorrhea [...]

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