American Academy of Dermatology suggestions to get rid of Wrinkles

Hot to get rid of  wrinkles? Want to get rid of some of those ugly wrinkles? Here are suggestions from the American Academy of Dermatology:

Protect skin daily with a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.
Avoid tanning beds and prolonged exposure to natural sunlight.
Apply moisturizer regularly.
Carefully test all products on a small area before using them on your face. Always use products as directed.
Avoid products that burn or sting. Discuss any exceptions with a dermatologist.
Don’t use too many products. Stick to just a few that work. Expensive doesn’t always [...]

Anti-Wrinkle Mask DIY

How to make Anti-Wrinkle Mask, Anti-Wrinkle Mask DIY:
1, Eggshell thin film Mask: When cooking, the soft eggshell within thin film paste facial wrinkles and cheeks, chin, let it dry and then peeled off, wipe with a soft sponge oily skin of dead skin; if it is dry skin, you should put some vegetable oil and then wipe off dead skin, and finally wash.
2, Egg mask: 1 bowl of flour plus 1 egg, pour 1 drop of baby oil (or olive oil) and mix thoroughly. Such as sleep is [...]

Anti-wrinkle diet principles – How to anti-wrinkle

Diet principles to anti-wrinkle:
1, eat more foods rich in chondroitin
Such as pork soup, bone soup, chicken skin, chicken soup, can enhance the skin’s elasticity. Human skin into the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue layer 3, affecting mainly the dermis skin care. The dermis is composed of an elastic fiber, which consists of elastic fibers in the main material is chondroitin sulfate. Should the lack of such a body, chondroitin, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles. So, eat more foods rich in chondroitin sulfate, can delay the occurrence of wrinkles, keeping [...]

Seven kinds of food makes a woman away from the wrinkles

Wrinkles are the enemy of female beauty, how to delay the appearance of wrinkles it? In fact, the life of many foods can help you a favor.
1. Food “modified”
Food on the skin can play a very good “modification” effect. For example, the skin needs rich protein. Conditions can be eat lean meat, milk and eggs, but also eat more vegetable protein, tofu and other soy products more.
2. Rice group wrinkle removal
Cooked rice, pick softer, hot but not too hot when bunched group, on the face rub until bunched [...]

Using garlic can get rid of wrinkles and anti-acne

Garlic is one of the most common spices, it is called a natural antibiotic, is rich in allicin and other nutrients and antioxidants, with a variety of skin beauty beauty role. “The India times” recentlyintegrated some nostrum folk, published the “3 beauty effect” of garlic, and gives a scientific explanation.
Wrinkle. Some ingredients in garlic, is similar to vitamin E and vitamin C antioxidant, anti-agingproperties, helps protect skin from free radical damage, its anti wrinkle as pricey anti-aging chemicalointment. This recipe has been in the civil widely circulated for [...]

Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream make your skin tightening cream

How to homemade natural Anti Wrinkle Cream, to make your skin tightening ? Use Lemon to make Anti-Wrinkle Cream:
Method: Lemon Anti-Wrinkle Cream
3 tbsp. dried lemon balm leaves
1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 ounce grated beeswax
2 oz. lanolin
1/2 cup wheat germ oil (can be substituted with almond or jojoba oil)
1 tsp. powdered bee glue
Put the lemon balm leaves in the boiling water and allow to steep like tea. After about 10 minutes strain the brew into a clean bowl and dispose of the lemon balm leaves. Allow it to cool. Set a [...]

Watermelon Pomegranate Blueberry Spinach Olive Oil – five kinds of food to remove wrinkles

Each woman will worry about their age, to a certain age after, will keep face painted in a variety of anti-wrinkle, freckle cosmetics, in order to stay young. However, it can only solve the problem of aging from the surface. Food is an amazing thing, eating right can be forever young. Yahoo latest American Women Network Papers, published expert summed up the most beneficial skin of five kinds of food.
1, Pomegranate softens the skin. Mount Sinai School of Medicine professor of dermatology Debra Jia Liman said, pomegranates are rich [...]

Eliminate wrinkles dietotherapy methods

5 dietotherapy methods to remove wrinkles:
1, Eat more foods containing chondroitin: enhanced skin elasticity;
2, Eat more foods containing nucleic acids: anti-aging, prevent wrinkles;
3, Eat more alkaline foods: blood weakly alkaline to reduce damage to the skin;
4, Eat more foods containing collagen: increased water holding capacity of skin, moist skin;
5, Eat more foods containing vitamins and trace elements: anti subcutaneous fat oxidation.

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