Hypertension Prevention and daily diet of patients with hypertension Precautions

With the improvement of living standards, changes in people’s diets and patterns of life, more and more patients with hypertension, high prevalence of hypertension, high mortality, high rate of disability, is forced to pay attention to this topic.
Here to talk about prevention and daily life precautions hypertension
Methods / steps
1, Weight reduction
High blood pressure and weight are closely related, the prevalence of obesity, high blood pressure greatly improved, with the reduction in weight gain, high blood pressure also reduces, so you have to control weight control high blood pressure.
2, [...]

What fruits to eat benefit for hypertension patient

1, Kiwi fruit. Kiwi juice can heat diuresis, blood stasis, antiinflammatory swelling, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, suitable for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and so on.
2,  Orange juice. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C. British medical workers after blood tests carried 641 adults found that higher blood levels of vitamin C people, the lower the arterial blood pressure. These researchers believe that vitamin C helps blood vessels to dilate.
3, Apples. Apple contains vitamins, sugars, pectin, salt, malic acid, citric acid Kai, tannic acid and [...]

Five fruits help anti-hypertension in summer

Hot summer, and out of air-conditioned room, blood vessels will continue to expand, shrink, vascular, it is a great burden, and therefore, many people ignore the summer season is also the risk of blood! Fortunately, the summer fruit rich people many options: kiwi, apple, banana, lemon, watermelon, are of great help.
1, Kiwi, juicy high-fiber, high potassium.
2, Apple is rich in organic acids, fructose and pectin, preventing hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease effect.
3, Bananas, a banana can provide 422 mg of potassium, a lot of [...]

Symptoms of high blood pressure (Hypertension)

What about the symptoms of Hypertension ( High blood pressure)?
Multiple parts in the head, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. If you often feel a headache, but very intense, while nausea nausea, it may be a signal to the transformation of malignant hypertension.
Female patients are more likely to suddenly squat or starting immediately feel something.
Ears ringing in the ears, longer duration.
Palpitations, shortness of breath
Hypertension can lead to cardiac hypertrophy, cardiac enlargement, myocardial infarction, cardiac insufficiency. These are the symptoms of palpitations, shortness of breath.
Mostly difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, [...]

Health care: patients with hypertension dietary considerations

With the increased incidence of hypertension, increasing emphasis on preventive health care everyone. While a considerable part because of high blood pressure caused by bad eating habits, then hypertensive patients in the diet should pay attention to what?
1. Low salt
Daily use of salt should be strictly controlled at 2-5 g, to minimize the consumption of soy sauce, soy sauce 3-5 ml is equivalent to 1 gram of salt. Pickles, fermented bean curd, bacon, pickles, egg, shrimp, and Chrysanthemum, grass, spinach and other vegetables are high sodium, so try [...]

What foods to eat to prevent High Blood Pressure

Following are top ways to prevent of High Blood Pressure, what foods to eat to get rid of high blood pressure home remedies? High blood pressure also referred to as hypertension is a kind of health problem where there is constant high pressure of the blood in the arteries. A person suffers from hypertension when the blood pressure reading is 140/90 mm Hg or higher. Some of the common causes of this health problem are obesity, genetic factors, excessive intake of alcohol, high intake of salt, lack of aerobic exercise, stress, [...]

Several major factors to cause high blood pressure – hypertension

Frequent in patients with hypertension, a lot of the crowd facing the dangers likely to suffer from high blood pressure, and its troubled. Even young people also joined the ranks of the hypertensive patients. Hypertension have a great deal of harm to human health, such a high incidence, so we had to go to get to the bottom, in the end led to the growing number of patients with hypertension What is the cause of it?
Genetic. Crowd with a family history of hypertension than in the normal population [...]

6 Notes Oral antihypertensive drugs

Required oral antihypertensive drugs, should note the following:
1, In the take medicine process to regularly measure blood pressure, 3-7 days measured one time.
2, Using a single drug, two weeks after the invalid then the joint taking of a variety of drugs.
3, Start small dose and gradually increased to the desired dose.
4, Long-term patients suffering from severe hypertension, not necessarily to lower blood pressure to completely normal, and only need to be dropped to nearly normal.
5, Blood pressure control, stability one month to the gradual reduction less varieties.
6, Life [...]

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