The general methods of treatment of hypertension

Hypertension is a common disease of cardiovascular system, a because in common, so there are often many people will ignore the treatment, delayed the recent period of treatment, the more and more serious illness. So if you get sick, we should timely treatment. Below lets us have a look at the general method for treating hypertension.
Treatment of hypertension in drug treatment at the same time is the need to cooperate with general treatment.Treatment generally involves the following:
1, The light low salt diet, which is particularly important in Asian populations, because according to the survey, the Asian population of hypertension in a large part are salt tendency, also is the salt and is a great relationshipbetween China and Vietnam, if eating more salty, salt, probability that change will be more hypertension. This not only for people with high blood pressure, but also the important measures for prevention of hypertension.
2, Quit smoking, less alcohol, smoke this thing in [...]

Good methods of prevention and treatment of hypertension

Now the incidence of hypertension is too high, not only the elderly, many young people feel healthy, the results of a physical examination found myself hypertension. So this disease how should be treated? Is there good prevention? You may wish to know, their preventive, nip in the bud.
How to buck for hypertension
High risk, high risk or stage 3 hypertension patients, antihypertensive drug treatment should begin immediately.Grade 2 hypertension patients, should consider starting drug therapy; grade 1 hypertension patients, can interfere with several weeks in lifestyle, blood pressure is [...]

Talking about the treatment of hypertension

For high blood pressure, I believe that many patients are to understand a lot, and for the treatment of high blood pressure is a lot, but the so-called Variety separated from their cases, so the purpose of treatment of hypertension, what is it? Today, talk about it thrust on the treatment of hypertension, let’s take a look at it.
1, to really improve blood pressure control and quality of life in sync, on the one hand by the needs of patients adhere to medication stabilize blood pressure within the [...]

Methods of treatment of hypertension

Experts pointed out: for the treatment of hypertension in patients with hypertension, not fear. Hypertensive patientis not suitable for large amplitude motions and highly competitive activities, but proper, appropriate amount of exercise to treat hypertension. No matter what method of treatment of hypertension, the purpose is to let the blood pressure is reduced to the annotation values in patients with hypertension were normal before treatment, must by the doctor’s examination, the diagnosis of disease.
First of all, can take some non drug treatments, including the dietotherapy, tea therapy, sports [...]

Principles of treatment of hypertension

A lot of people just began to dizziness, thought is anemia. Finally know that is caused by hypertension. In fact,hypertensive patients often dizziness, insomnia, fatigue and other whole, seriously affected the normal life and work them. For patients with hypertension in the elderly people, their life is no longer easy. For the treatment of hypertension many patients want to know, below we have a look to the principle of treatment of hypertension, and they hope to help everyone.
1, early treatment
Hypertension in the elderly is the high incidence of [...]

Hypertensive patients can eat more potatoes

Potatoes in nutrition circles is called “perfect food”, people rely on potatoes and whole milk is enough to sustain life and health. Nutritional content of potatoes is very comprehensive, nutrition structure is more reasonable, but the amount of protein, calcium and vitamin A slightly lower, use whole milk to supplement.
In the prevention and control of hypertension famous eating patterns –DASH diet mode, potatoes also occupy a place. Principles of this diet pattern is eating whole grains and vegetables, these foods are rich in fiber, calcium, protein and potassium, [...]

What to eat to cure high blood pressure – Five kinds of vegetables adjuvant treatment of hypertension

In daily life, high blood pressure is a common disease. In addition to the usual day to adhere to medication, but also in patients with hypertension through diet to aid in the treatment of hypertension. Diet for the treatment of hypertension has a very important role, if well controlled, high blood pressure patients need not worry because they will be affected by this disease and hospitalization. What foods do wonders for the adjuvant treatment of high blood pressure?
1, Celery
Celery is rich in protein, carotene and vitamins, amino acids [...]

Reducing high-sugar diet can prevent cardiovascular disease

It is well known in hypertension prevention and control process, the most important dietary interventions is to eat less salt. However, this notion may be changed.
Recently, the United States a number of studies have found that high-sugar diet can increase the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, the harm is far greater than the high-salt diet, especially processed foods added sugar (sweeteners), including fructose.
Intake corn syrup containing 60 g fructose, blood pressure can be increased up to 15/9 mmHg, the heart rate up to 9 times faster / [...]

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