How to hypolipidemic in winter – lower high blood cholesterol

When winter holiday a lot, for the elderly, at this time, too greasy to eat, then it is likely to be plagued by a variety of diseases, high blood cholesterol is one of them, endangering human health, it is common in patients with high cholesterol in addition to medication, diet and lifestyle also plays a crucial role, as we summed up the following nine coup help patients hypolipidemic, give it a try.
1, Two cups of green tea a day
Drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day or ingestion [...]

Natural lipid-lowering foods make you eat healthy and slim body

Food brings us not only delicious, as well as the efficacy of good health and disease prevention, but also some foods are natural lipid-lowering foods, are more effective than synthetic lipid-lowering drugs. This is for women, to have these natural lipid-lowering foods, they no longer worry about obese. What foods can lose weight?’ll Give you the answer.
1, Hawthorn: promote cholesterol excretion
Hawthorn is the main ingredient containing hawthorn acid, citric acid, lipolysis acid, vitamin C, flavonoids, carbohydrates, etc. These ingredients can play dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, reduce blood [...]

Prevention of high blood lipids should eat a balanced diet

Through the control of hyperlipidemia, so as to control the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or development. Dietary hyperlipidemia patients should pay attention tothe control of meat food consumption and oil consumption.
High blood lipids refers to the concentration in the serum increased beyond the normal range,including high cholesterol, high triglycerides and other individual increased or these substancesalso increase. When the hyperlipidemia will appear the body excessive intake of calories or toomuch fat, and hyperlipidemia if not pay attention to the control, easily lead to hardening of the [...]

World recognized six natural lipid-lowering drugs

There are some foods everyday life with good health and disease prevention effects. Experts point out that there are some foods are natural “lipid-lowering drugs” that can help lower blood pressure, blood lipids, disease prevention and health. Here, we take a look at the introduction of experts.
1, Hawthorn: promote excretion of cholesterol
Hawthorn is a natural lipid-lowering drugs, mainly containing hawthorn acid, citric acid, lipolysis acid, vitamin C, flavonoids, carbohydrates and other ingredients, with the expansion of blood vessels, improve microcirculation, reduce blood pressure, promote excretion of cholesterol and [...]

7 kinds of cholesterol-lowering foods help you stay away from hyperlipemia

TCM noted, usually caused by hyperlipemia diet, emotional, physical and other diet-induced, because diet is one of the main ways to avoid high cholesterol. We recommend the following seven kinds of cholesterol-lowering foods, carrots, onions, bean sprouts, apples, salmon, skinless chicken, peanuts, etc., which have the effect of lowering blood pressure, hyperlipemia can help you stay away from.
Carrots: cholesterol resolved out
Modern research has found that carrots contain a lot of potassium creatures, after potassium into the blood, can emulsify fats in the blood, and can effectively dissolve deposited [...]

Six kinds of natural lipid-lowering drugs – Hypolipidemic

What foods to eat to Hypolipidemic, to prevent Hyperlipidemia?
1. Hawthorn: promote cholesterol excretion.
2. Green beans: rich in polysaccharides, can enhance the activity of serum lipoproteins, lipoprotein triglyceride hydrolysis so achieve lipid-lowering efficacy.
3. Mushrooms: lowering blood pressure.
4. Sweet potatoes: prevention of atherosclerosis.
5. Cucumbers: heat quench their thirst diuretic.
6. Eggplant: rich in vitamin P, can keep the vascular wall elasticity and physiological function, prevent hardening and cracking.

Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of khellin: Experimental study

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Hypolipidemic effect of Flax seed and Garlic

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Method of treatment Hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia divided into primary and secondary, the former and the environment, family heredity. The latter by diabetes, hypothyroidism, obesity, pancreatic disorders caused. Reasonable diet and lifestyle to prevent Hyperlipidemia has important significance. Hereditary tendency for with hyperlipidemia, no significant improvement in drug therapy, primarily by adjusting the diet to improve, try not to eat or eat less high cholesterol foods such as animal offal, brains, bone marrow, roe, shellfish, squid, eel and so on. To eat more fiber vegetables, fruits, they contain large amounts of plant sterols can inhibit [...]

Symptoms of hyperlipidemia

According to different degrees the symptoms of hyperlipidemia showed mixed performance, hyperlipidemia main symptoms can be divided into the following areas:
1. Mild hyperlipidemia is usually does not have any discomfort, but no symptoms does not mean that blood lipids is not high, regular inspection lipids is essential.
2. General symptoms of hyperlipidemia, more performance for: dizziness, lassitude, insomnia, forgetfulness, numbness, chest tightness, palpitations, etc., but also with other clinical signs of disease confused, some patients asymptomatic with high blood lipids, often in physical examination blood tests found hyperlipidemia. In addition, hyperlipidemia often [...]

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